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at home Back To Campus Collection

at home Back To Campus CollectionThe summer after high school, I remember getting ready for college. It was more than registering for classes and getting text books that cost more than I made in a week at my job. That summer was for finding my own style as a newly minted adult and things to make my space my own. I didn’t move out of my parents right away, but that didn’t mean I didn’t turn my room into my personal space. When I got my first apartment, my budget for home decor was extremely limited with the cost of tuition, books and supplies.

at home Back To Campus CollectionMy college years were almost a decade ago, but the problems for students are the same. When they’re away from home, students still want the same comforts in their dorm or apartments – even on a thin budget. And this year, At Home stores have their new Back to Campus Collection that not only amps up the style students can have in their space but also helps them save some money. I was invited to check out and shop the new collection for my office and experience the new offerings.

at home Back To Campus CollectionThis was my first trip to an At Home store, and I honestly wish I knew about the store earlier. When I went looking for the Back to Campus Collection, I expected the typical college gear – plastic, bright colors and cheaply made (and still not affordable) offerings you tend to find everywhere else. Instead, I was greeted with classy set up of accessories, throw pillows and items I would not hesitate to put in my home today – not just a college apartment. From wall art, inspirational sayings and even accessory furniture pieces all under $50.

at home Back To Campus CollectionThere are a lot of things you can find to help amp up your space, and some that can help create the perfect home away from home wherever your student is going to. I decided that my office needed a little art and inspiration and picked up the Look for Magic in Everything You Do sign as a reminder for to keep working towards our dreams. The sign is almost 2 inches thick, and measures 8″ wide by 20″ tall, and at most stores would cost around $40. Instead, the sign was only $12.99 at At Home. The low prices shocked me, and made sure the budget I had went a lot further when decorating our home office and spaces.

Do you have kids going to college this year, or are you going yourself? Check out the College Move-in Checklist from At Home. You can see all of the Back to Campus Collection on At Home’s website.


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