Bring Realism to Their Toys with a Bruder Scale MACK Truck

bruder mack lorry truck review

bruder mack lorry truck reviewFrom a young age, kids have a fascination with large trucks. From dump trucks, to long haul semis – they’re interesting to watch drive and work. While you can get your kids small versions of their favorite trucks and work vehicles, sometimes the harder plastic of cast metal versions don’t do everything the big trucks do and can make playing a little harder. That is until Bruder got ahold of some of our favorite big trucks. Not only do they make scale versions of these work trucks, but they give them moving parts that make the play more realistic.

Tractor Supply sent us the Bruder Mack Granite Timber Truck with Loading Crane and 3 Trunks. The truck is about as big as the name at a whopping 1:16 scale. With moving parts, it will not only zoom over your floors while kids play with it, and use the attached crane to put it to work. The loading crane is equipped with a log grabber to move the logs. The log grabber can be locked in the open position. When it is time to pick up a log, the log grabber can be lowered to the log and automatically closes around it.

We are amazed at the amount of detail in the Bruder Mack truck, and know that it is going to be put to good use working in the yard once the warmer months get there again. The crane already is getting used to pick up more than the logs and the back of the truck is loaded with other toys that need hauled through the house.

While the price of a Bruder truck is more than getting the small metal cast ones that fit in the stocking, it will last for years to come and can take the beating as the kids play with it. Encourage their love for large trucks and working with their hands with this Mack Logging Truck, and see what adventures it takes them on.

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