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Primo Water Dispenser Review
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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo® water.

Living in Michigan, we’re surrounded by 21% of the world’s surface fresh water, and at any point you are within 15 minutes of a water source. Being around so many lakes, ponds and rivers – you would expect that means we have great drinking water. And it’s no doubt that by now you’ve heard of the water crisis in Flint. But the reality is – in Michigan, the water situation in our homes is not as good as you would think. We even live walking distance from a lake that we often cannot even swim in due to it being contaminated from one thing or another.

Between old infrastructure and aging pipes there are over 71 communities in Michigan with more lead in their pipes, and drinking water, than the city of Flint. And while we’re thankful that our city is not on that list, only a few months ago we received a letter that lead was detected in some of the lines in our city. They have assured us that, at this point, our address is not included in that list of affected homes – but even long before that we stopped drinking our tap water.

Probably a year or so ago, the water started to taste funny with heavily of chlorine and other things. So, for the past year or more, we’ve been purchasing case upon case of bottled water. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and purified – so we knew it was a better option than what was coming out of the tap. But bottled water has other issues , including adding more to our grocery bill and to our recycling bin every week.

Introducing a Water Dispenser in Your Home

So what do you do if you don’t have good water in your home? You can keep buying bottled water and filling up those recycling bins, or you can make take a step and get a Primo Water Dispenser. There are added benefits to having your own in-home water dispenser for me – other than just saving some money on your grocery bills.

Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis. The untreated water flows through a semipermeable membrane and carbon filters to leave behind salt, chemicals, minerals and other contaminants.

But what does that really mean? It means that their purification process gives your family better water to drink. And that it’s a higher quality that most people can expect from their city water. With a fresh and clear taste, it’s easier to drink more water and to use in your own recipes at home.

The Cost Difference

Getting a Primo Water Dispenser is an investment in your family, and your drinking water. They offer different models that self-sanitize, ones that make the perfect formula for your baby and more basic models. We actually selected the Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser to use in our home. It allows us to have chilled water, room temperature water and even hot water for tea with the touch of a button. But the real reason I love it, is the bottom loading of the water bottles. I don’t have to try to balance the water bottles or hurt my back trying to lift it up and flip it over like I would in a top loading unit.

Another reason I love the Primo water bottles is the non-spill cap. (On my way home from filling the water bottles the first time, one shifted in the back seat and actually tipped over. While the drive home wasn’t very far – the fear that I now had five gallons of water spilled all over the back of my car was palpable. Thankfully, the large water bottle stayed sealed and when I got home not only was my car safe – but I didn’t have a massive mess to clean up!

The real cost savings comes after you have the unit in your home. Not only does it come with coupons to get free refills and a pre-filled water bottle – but I found that to fill our five gallon water bottles at our local Meijer store was only 88 cents! Yes, under a dollar to fill up a water bottle that will get us through most of the week. When I compared that to the bottled water we have been paying for – we got half of the same amount of water for $4-6 depending on the sale. The cost savings alone on the water will quickly pay for the dispenser, and we get the added peace of mind of what’s in our water. Primo offers water filling stations at a variety of stores within our local community which makes it extremely easy to get our water bottles filled up while we are out doing errands.

How It Can Help The Environment

I know that we’re lucky living in a community that offers a recycling program as part of our weekly refuge pick up. But if there are things that we can do to help even reduce what we put in our recycling each week we are more than happy to do our part. We already compost, garden and keep bees – anything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint is ideal.

So, we’ve made the trade. We’re no longer getting the plastic water bottles to fill up the fridge door and our recycling bins. Instead, we take in our empty water bottles to Meijer when we pick up our groceries and fill them up. It’s a really easy system where we just remove the lid, put it in place and fill them up. What it means for us is a lot less cost as well as waste in our home. And as an added bonus, when you fill more than one of the large water bottles at a time – you get a bit of a muscle workout pushing your cart through the rest of the store!

Why You Need Purified Drinking Water

Primo Water Dispenser Review

Did you know that adults need 2 liters of fresh water as part of their healthy diet every day? Each of the five gallon water bottles of the Primo water can keep our family of two hydrated for 5 days, and with 2 water bottles in our house we’re able to be well hydrated for over a week and a half.

Even if you’re not a fan of drinking water, it’s what your body needs. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and needs water to stay properly hydrated. This helps your body function properly, including keeping your cells and organs hydrated and doing things like keeping you regular and regulating your body temperature.

With the warmer months coming soon, staying hydrated is going to be key to make it through some of the hottest days. And making sure you have quality drinking water when you need it is key to keeping you and your family healthy and hydrated all year long.

Ensuring We Have High Quality Water

Water is something we all need, and while we can get some of our water intake from our food – having a good healthy source of water is always important. We love that with a push of a button we can have water that is not only purified but the perfect temperature for what we need it for.

Yes, on those warmer days, ice cold water is great. But on the cooler rainy days or through the snowy days we can have tea or cocoa made with the dispenser just by choosing the hot water option. And as an added peace of mind, in order to dispense the steaming hot water, you have to push that option and the dispensing button at the same time. This makes sure that it is only dispensed when it is intentionally selected and is an extra step that means small hands wont get burned if they’re getting their own water. Which dispenser would be best for your family? Go to to sign up for text messaging to receive a 20% off coupon code and free shipping!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo water.


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