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luxor linens reviewSometimes, the holiday season means it’s time give back to yourself and your home. We all have guest coming and it may be time to update your towels if you’re like most people and have a mismatched set. Or it may be time find some beautiful new sheets for your bed or even the guest room. Finding a place that has options that are not only eco-friendly, but are comfortable for you and guests can be harder than you think. But this year we’ve partnered with Luxor Linens to test out some of their

luxor linens reviewUpgrade your bed with a set of bamboo sheets. Luxor Linens bamboo sheets are ultra soft and breathable, these sheets will keep you cool and comfy all night long. Available in a variety of colors and naturally wrinkle-free, these sheets are not only luxurious but practical. They come in a beautiful box that is already gift-able but just out of the box they’re soft and ready to be enjoyed. we were surprised at soft the sheets were right away and after their initial wash they only seem to get softer. The color is vibrate and did not bleed or leach in the wash onto anything else in the same load, and dried quickly for an easy change. They’re perfect for upgrading your sheets and even can be monogrammed for the ultimate gift.

luxor linens reviewWrap yourself in softness with their beautiful Provance Hotel Luxury Jacquard Towel Set. The plush towel set offers a lighter weight, fluffy softness, and quick absorbency, which means ultimate comfort and fast results when drying your hands and face after washing up or drying off after stepping out of a cold/hot shower. The cut pile and knit areas on the towel bring the design to life and helps dry you off better. We love the fluffiness of the towels and how they make us feel like we’re at a high class spa or hotel whenever we use them.

From new towels, new sheets and great gift ideas Luxor Linens will help get you and your home ready for the holidays and for those guests that are going to be arriving soon! 
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