Bring Home the First Collection of Berenstain Bears Stories to Enjoy

Berenstain Bears Tree House Tales Volume 1 Review

The Berenstain Bears are a staple of childhood. With stories with simple lessons kids can understand and relatable situations that young kids will be able to relate to and they are books that many parents grew up with themselves. And now, the stories have been animated in adorable short stories that kids can watch on PBS.

If your kids are fans of the Berenstain Bears, their classic stories that have lasted for generations there is a new way to share them with your kids. PBS Kids has released the Berenstain Bears Tree House Tales is a new collection of 26 stories from the books you know and love all in one set. With hours of stories and lessons to watch, you’re going to sitting right next to your little ones watching your favorite bears come to life.

Get your copy of Berenstain Bears Tree House Tales on DVD now. It has a total run time of 338 minutes.

ABout Berenstain Bears Tree House Tales Volume 1:

“Tree House Tales Volume 1” contains 26 stories from the beloved Bear family, which includes Visit the Dentist, when sister gets her first loose tooth! Brother teases her and tells her the dentist will remove the
tooth with a big yanking tool. Sister becomes afraid of sitting in the dentist chair until she watches Brother get a cavity filled. She discovers she was afraid for no reason. In Mama’s New Job, Mama opens her own quilt shop. Papa and the cubs wonder how they will cope around the house without her, but once they band together to support Mama’s new endeavor, the Bear family makes it work! In the episode, Out for the Team, Brother and Sister try out for Bear Country’s baseball team, The Cardinals. There’s only one problem: there’s only one spot left on the team! Brother is worried he will lose to his kid sister, so he backs out of the competition. Sister steps up with some encouraging words for Brother, which inspires him to stick with it. Then in Lost in a Cave, Papa and the Bear Scouts are on a spelunking
expedition, which scares Cousin Fred because he’s afraid of dark, spooky caves. While the cubs help Fred realize there’s a logical explanation for everything that may seem scary, the group gets lost. Will they find
their way back to Bear Country?


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