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jord watch review

jord watch review

In a world of digital everything, sometimes it’s nice to have something that doesn’t require charging or to be connected to everything. JORD watches creates beautiful watches that pair together watches with exotic wood, that are not only functional but beautiful when you wear them.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been drooling over JORD watches as soon as my friend got one a couple years ago. While watches aren’t part of the usual wardrobe since we all pull our phones out of our pockets to check the time. But there is something classic, beautiful and analog about having a watch. So when JORD sent me their Frankie series watch – I was instantly in love.

jord watch reviewWhen you order your JORD watch online, you send in a measurement of your wrist so your watch band will fit perfectly fit your arm the moment it arrives. JORD not only sends your watch in a box that will announce it’s arrival, but it also comes in a box to store it in when you’re not wearing it, a clothe to clean the face, a pillow to hold it and wood preserve so your watch will stay beautiful for years to come. The presentation is amazing and something you will actual use with your watch.

jord watch reviewThe Frankie JORD watch I was sent is the Zebrawood with Navy face, it has a sapphire crystal glass surrounded by a warmed toned wood. The Frankie watch includes a push button clasp you can push easily to remove the watch and can easily fasten without assistance from other. Paired with a Ronda Normtech Caliber 763 movement and quartz crystal tuning fork that has an accuracy of  -10/+20 seconds per month. Your JORD watch not only looks amazing, but it’s accuracy will keep your on time.

Beautiful, functional and classic – JORD watches have a watch for every wrist and can be customized just for your taste. I’m in love with my Frankie watch, and the beautiful wood design. It’s a unique watch and one that will be used for years to come. It will bring a lot of attention like tag aquaracer do.

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