Bring Harmony and Calm to Your Life and Pregnancy with Ilado Necklaces

Ilado Bell Necklace Review

If you love yoga, relaxation aids or know someone who is pregnant – there is one product that they will all love – an Ilado necklace. This small ball necklace is not only a fashion statement – it also has a therapeutic use that not only can help you throughout the day but may help your baby develop.

Ilado Bell Necklace Review

But what is an Ilado necklace? They are traditionally worn in the Mayan culture, when rolled gently, it emits a soothing and harmonious crystalline sound. Designed in Paris, the soft vibrations lead you towards a state of well-being. Originally created for expecting mothers, Ilado necklaces can be worn by anyone, at all times. Elegant and tranquil, you can think of an Ilado necklace as a fashionable stress ball.

As you wear the necklace and the ball moves back and forth, it will let out a small musical chime as you move around. The long length of the necklace allows it to reach to your stomach and if you are pregnant the chiming song it makes will be right at your belly for your baby to hear as you walk around.

Ilado Bell Necklace Review

The calming tones it the necklace makes can help you stay calm, relax or just add a little music to your day. The beautiful design make it the perfect fashion accessory and one that you may find quickly it to be one of your favorite necklaces for work or play.

Get your Ilado necklace or grab one for a great maternity gift or for the favorite yogi in your life.

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