Bring Disney Magic Home for the Holidays with The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree

The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree Review

The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree ReviewThe holiday season just got a little more magical with some Disney Magic and The Wonderful World of Disney Table top Tree from Bradford Exchange. Loaded with Christmas scenes and our favorite classic Disney characters, this 16 inch tall tree includes over 50 different hand painted figures you and your children will love.

The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree ReviewBradford Exchange sent us The Wonderful World of Disney table top tree, and we were amazed at the quality of the decoration and details that went into creating this 360 degree scene for the holidays. From dancing princesses with their princes, trains that loop the tree and even Santa Mickey Mouse flying over Cinderella Castle, this table top decoration is everything a Disney fan will want and love.

The whole tree comes together in one piece, you just have to add the wire and Santa Mickey to the top (also included in the package). There is a small hole in the top of the castle roof that you add the wire piece into, this adds Mickey to the rotating gear and he flies in his sleigh pulled by Pluto around the castle waving the whole way.

The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree ReviewOnce powered on the lights in the lower levels do light up, creating a friendly glow inviting you into the magical world as glittered cover snow covers the ground around it. The Wonderful World of Disney Tree is ready to go and to put your home in the spirit of the holidays without any extra effort.

The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree ReviewWhen we decorate for the holidays, our small tree is covered with ornaments of the characters we love from Disney and our other favorite shows. And setting up the tree can be a bit of a hassle to get everything on it, plus the amount of time it takes to decorate and put away at the end of the season. We absolutely love how easy it is to set up this holiday display and even to put it away.

The Wonderful World of Disney table top tree comes with a numbered certificate and is more of a collectors item than it is something for children. Your eyes will light up as soon as you put it out each year and Cinderella’s Castle will bring you back to your favorite Disney memories each time you turn it on.

About The Wonderful World of Disney

The Wonderful World of Disney Christmas Tree ReviewFrom Mickey and Minnie to Pooh and Tigger, Disney’s beloved characters have given us countless gifts over the years – moments of love, laughter and imagination. Now this spectacular tabletop Disney Christmas decor brings together Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White and more to deliver the joys of the holidays in your home. Standing 16″ high and decorated with over 50 hand-painted Disney character figures, this animated tabletop Christmas decoration celebrates The Wonderful World of Disney and is available from Hawthorne Village.

With 4 levels of rotating movement on this breathtaking Disney Christmas decor, the Disney Express seems to “climb” ever higher up the tree, brilliantly lit by 20 LED lights. At the very top, Mickey’s at the reins of a Pluto-and-reindeer drawn sleigh that rotates around Cinderella’s magic castle. A medley of Christmas carols makes the festivities complete. Strong demand is expected for this magnificent Disney collectible

See the Wonderful World of Disney Tree in Action:

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