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Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Review

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Review

Sweets during the holiday season are expected, they’re actually everywhere. One here and there wont hurt, that is unless you have a food allergy. Finding a delicious chocolate that you can trust to be nut free is a lot harder than you expect, and not something you can pick up at the any store. Thankfully, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is there to make sure you have a safe and delicious holiday season.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates ReviewUnlike many other allergies, nut allergy reactions can be severe and almost instantly life threatening. And while the snacks on the party table may be tempting, having something you know you’re not allergic to is a better option. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates sent us a variety of their holiday selection to try out. Like most people, the first thing I assume when you remove a key ingredient is you’re sacrificing flavor or quality. But, with chocolates, nuts are required to make them! So we were happy to try out the variety of chocolates and know that each and every one was nut free. Since they are processed in a plant that works with other ingredients, there is no guarantee that the chocolates are all gluten free, but we didn’t have a problem with any of the products as we tested them out.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates ReviewWhen the products first arrived, all were packed together on ice so they wouldn’t melt in transit. Inside the package we had a 24 day Advent Calendar, Peppermint Bark and a Candy Cane box filled with custom truffles. I will say, honestly, none of the chocolate made it past a couple days in our house! Vermont Nut Free Chocolates ReviewThe Advent Calendar has 24 doors for December 1st to 24th and nestled inside each is a foil wrapped chocolate. Each chocolate had a different design ranging from a bell, a tree, snowman or a star. Each day you were treated to a rich milk chocolate square that melted smoothly in your mouth. There’s no question that they are made with real ingredients instead of chemical substitutes.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates ReviewOne of my favorites came wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bright red bow – peppermint bark! A smooth dark chocolate base, topped with white chocolate flavored with mint and sprinkled with broken up candy canes. It’s almost impossible to eat just one and the flavor instantly takes you into the holiday spirit. Peppermint bark always rates highly on my holiday must have treat list, and the Vermont Nut Free Chocolates peppermint bark was one of the best yet. You can taste the quality in their products, and it’s just the right amount of sweet that you don’t need to eat the whole bag to take care of a sweet tooth.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates ReviewBut the most surprising in the package was the box of truffles. Besides coming in an extremely adorable candy cane shaped box (that I’ve saved to use later), inside are 8 delicious truffles. The flavors inside range from citrus white chocolate, chocolate mousse and even dark chocolate. There’s no fear of finding any nuts in any of these truffles which makes them an extra special treat for people with allergies. And their over all presentation is a mix between adorable to beautiful as each truffle is hand rolled and hand dipped.

All of the products from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates were delicious, and like I said before – you can taste the quality of ingredients inside. Not everyone has to have a nut free candy, but for those who do, these make the perfect gift for the host, hostess or even children in your life. Bring a nut free taste of the holidays wherever you go, and get ready to have some of the best chocolates you’ve ever had!

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