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Bring Art and Style into your Home with Kess InHouse

Kess InHouse ReviewIt’s time to update our style a little bit in our room. Don’t get me wrong, what we have works – but every once in a while it’s nice to change a couple things around. We’re huge fans of art and love having color throughout our home, and thanks to Kess InHouse we’re able to incorporate art into our decor, not just on our walls.

Kess InHouse ReviewAs we finish setting up our home, there are some updates we wanted to make. There’s nothing really wrong with what we had before, but it’s time for an update – to add some color and change the themes in some of our rooms. Our current comforter is probably old enough to drive if not vote, but has always been comfortable. It’s reversible but the dark tones make the room seem darker and small. Kess InHouse sent us a Sylvia Coomes “Ferris Wheel Silhouette” Beige and Teal Cotton Duvet cover to change the look of our room.

Kess InHouse ReviewThe duvet cover fits right over our current comforter, which means we’re still able to use it, instead of buying a new hefty comforter. And even though the Ferris Wheel silhouette duvet cover is light toned, you can’t see the dark maroon or green of the original comforter underneath. It also makes it a lot easier to clean off the cat hair by just washing the duvet cover instead of the bulky comforter that barley fits in the washer or dryer.

Making a bed with Jack around has always been a bit of a challenge, but getting the duvet cover on with him was more of a challenge than I expected. To get the duvet cover on the original comforter I simply unzipped the top of the duvet cover and slide the comforter in. It’s a bit hard to do when you have a cat jumping on the duvet cover and smacking it as you tried to adjust the comforter inside. I found it easier to put the complete comforter in, zip it closed and hold the top corners and shake the full comforter to fill the rest of the cover.

Kess InHouse ReviewOnce the new duvet cover was on the bed, and it passed the initial Jack inspection – you could immediately see the room update and brightness change. The Ferris Wheel silhouette changed the whole feeling of the room and it was such an easy change to do to the room. Besides the beautiful update of the room, it adds in a lot of color to the space we didn’t have before.

Kess InHouse has a huge selection of artwork, pillows, duvet covers and more all with photos and artwork from artists around the world. A portion of all purchases go to the artist and helps them grow their business. Kess InHouse “is a small group of creatively inclined individuals proud to bring art into the home decor market! The staff and founders of KESS Inhouse truly believe in the concept behind promoting artists and adding a splash of artwork and creativity into the home!” We absolutely love the duvet cover and how easy this update was for our home.

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