Bright Time Buddies Take Your Nightlight With You!

Bright Time Buddies Review

Bright Time Buddies ReviewWhen you’re little, the dark can be scary. Sure a night light helps you in your room, but what if you need a drink of water or need to use the bathroom? Not many┬ánightlights are able to go with you, that is until Bright Time Buddies came around. Now, you can take your light with you in a fun squishy friend!

Bright Time Buddies ReviewBright Time Buddies is an As Seen on TV product, and we love to put those to the test. We’ve found some in the past that actually work pretty well, and others that haven’t as much. So we were happy to test out the Bright Time Buddies and see if it’s actually worth the $15 plus shipping (you do get a second one at that price free though!).

I love the concept behind Bright Time Buddies, a soft friend that helps glow and light up the path for you as move around at night. But when I first took it out of the box, it was a thick rubbery toy – not exactly the squish I expected. It is molded out of piece, and accents are painted on the body and some of the paint edges weren’t super crisp. But overall the Buddy was cute and did have a friendly nature.

Bright Time Buddies ReviewYour Bright Time Buddies will require 3 AAA batteries that are inserted through a latch at the bottom. To get into that space, you need to use a phillips screw driver. I had some difficulty getting the screw out the first time, but each time after it was easy to do. Once your batteries are inserted, you’re ready to go! Simply push the button on the top of the Bright Time Buddies head and he will light up. The LED inside changes from white, to blue, to green and to yellow slowly transitioning between the two. And the opaque body helps the light glow out instead of being a harsh and direct light – this is perfect for those late night drinks or fridge raids!

Overall the Bright Time Buddies are an adorable glowing toy that your kids will probably enjoy if they don’t like sleeping in a dark room. The body isn’t something they can cuddle, but is squishy and small enough most kids can grab on and carry it. The button on top of the head is easy to get to, but may require a harder direct push to get it to turn on and off. And, if your child uses their Bright Time Buddies at night, it has an automatic off timer set for 1 hour – so you wont need to worry about turning it off. It is a really cute toy that your kids will love, and the price isn’t bad for the product!

You can find Bright Time Buddies on their website or for purchase on Amazon!


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