boosting your confidence in the kitchen

Boosting Your Confidence in the Kitchen

Cooking talent isn’t something everyone is born with. In fact, many of the top chefs around the world spend years fine-tuning their skills, learning techniques and perfecting recipes. They’ve been professionally trained. If you don’t have confidence in the kitchen, take a step back and assess. Chances are you have very little experience in the kitchen. A few simple steps and you’ll be whipping up your favorite recipes in no time.

  1. Start Small – One of the best ways to gain confidence is through a series of small successes. Many people who want to gain confidence and experience in the kitchen make the mistake of choosing complicated recipes to try. It’s understandable. Many of those complicated recipes look delicious and fun. However, if you lack confidence, start with simple recipes. Build your confidence over time and gradually work your way to the complicated recipes.
  2. Cook Meals You Enjoy – Do you love to eat casseroles? Then make casseroles. Cook what you know you enjoy eating. For example, some people prefer to bake than make dinners. And some people love breakfasts over any other meal. Decide what you enjoy eating and then find simple recipes that fit your preferences. It’ll make the cooking process much more fun and where there’s joy, there’s confidence.
  3. Start Experimenting With Seasoning – As your confidence begins to grow, start experimenting. One easy way is to play with the seasonings for any given recipe. For example, if you’ve successfully made meatloaf a few times, try something new the next time you make it. Season it in a way that makes sense for you. When you begin making recipes your own, you’ll gain confidence in your skills and abilities.
  4. Prepare Before You Start Cooking – Get your food and materials out and on the counter top. Read the recipe twice. Make sure you have all the ingredients and that they’re the right ingredients. You might even measure and prepare them in advance. That way, when you begin cooking you’ll be able to focus on the steps in the recipe rather than prepping food and multitasking.
  5. Educate Yourself – Learn recipe terms. Watch cooking videos. There’s an abundance of information available. Find cook books and magazines that cater to the beginner chef audience. Use them to learn what you need to know. When you’re making a new recipe you won’t stumble over terms and steps that you’re unfamiliar with. You’ll be able to cook confidently.

Just, be willing to try. Even the best chefs make mistakes. Sometimes that’s how you learn the most important lessons. Each mistake that is made brings you closer to a perfect outcome. Have fun and enjoy your new cooking confidence.

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