Boom Blast Stix Bring Hours of Fun without Batteries or Screen Time

boom blast stix review

boom blast stix review

It’s time to disconnect from the screen and play some games with the family. We like walking away from the technology and playing a game that doesn’t require any batteries, any power and we can actually take anywhere with us. One game that is good for kids of (almost) any age is Boom Blast Sticks, a game that will put a little pressure on you when you’re playing but will create an explosive good time!

boom blast stix reviewWe were sent Boom Blast Sticks to play with our family and instantly fell in love with it. The whole game comes in the container, and it even comes with a play surface that can be made out of the lid. you don’t even need a board to play this game, or different pieces for different players. It’s quick and easy to set up and even more fun to play.

boom blast stix reviewBoom Blast Sticks only has one type of piece to play the game, a triangle shaped piece that you connect the two pieces together. This puts the piece under pressure and will make the game work. We did find some of the pieces were a bit hard to get them to stay together, so smaller players may need help with some of the pieces.

To play Boom Blast Sticks, you simply connect the pieces and lay them on the stack that is created when everyone takes their turn. As you carefully set your pieces down, you try to not set off the stack or they will all pop! The game is a lot of fun, and one you can easily take with you on the road or to the holiday parties to play with your family.

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