Boo It Forward this Year with Ghostbusters! #booitforward

ghostbusters extended edition review

ghostbusters extended edition review

I remember the first time I was “Boo’d” in elementary school. Not being boo’d at, but the fun Halloween version of ding dong ditch with treats left behind. We found a Halloween treat on our front porch from our neighbors with snacks, activities and decorations. It’s been years since I’ve been boo’d – that is until yesterday. I got home to find a package on my door from Walmart and Sony Home Entertainment. Inside was the newest release Ghostbusters, some candy, Boo it Forward instructions and a trick or treat pumpkin – probably one of the best ways to get Boo’d!

We grew up with Ghostbusters, and let’s just say we were a bit hesitant about the new movie, could it stand up to the original? That didn’t stop us from immediately opening the movie and popping it in to watch last night. The Blu-Ray version has both the theatrical version as well as the extended cut that has an extra 15 minutes on the movie. We opted to watch the extended version, more time means more to love right?

Was the new Ghostbusters just a remake of the original? Not at all. Instead it holds it own, and it’s quite funny. There are some gags that you see coming and some parts that actually make you laugh and some that will make you jump. The new Ghostbusters has the added advantage of computer graphics that the original movies didn’t and that leads to some pretty cool ghosts and bad guys. As an added bonus, there are cameos from the remaining original cast in some unique places, as well as lines that nod back to the original movie. Overall the movie is it’s own film and a fun new imagining of the story.

Ghostbusters is available everywhere on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD. Add it to your Halloween line up!

Next up for us is filling up some goodie bags and Boo’ing some of our friends and neighbors with the kit we got. Time to spread the Halloween spirit!

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