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Boiron Oscillococcinum Review 

Part of being a Naturally Savvy Blogger is the change to work with some great companies who make natural products. I recently was sent a box of Oscillococcinum from Boiron to try and review.


I’m going to be honest – I had no idea what Oscillococcinum was and it frightened me a little at first. I’m user to taking a pill or liquid, not a powder or a bead. The only other experience I have had with anything similar was when I was 17 and sick in Europe. Which makes a bit of sense since Boiron is based in France!

The box of Oscillococcinum came with 6 doses each in their own little tube. When I first opened the tube I was shocked to see little beads inside. I poured a few in my hand and found they were hard. I was feeling a bit run down and figured I’d give it a shot. Although I was apprehensive about trying it, I poured the first dose in my mouth was pleasantly surprised. The directions say to let it dissolve in your mouth, I was worried about the taste. The beads were actually quiet sweet and dissolved in under a minute. The hardest part was resisting biting down on them.

While I can’t say 100% that the Oscillococcinum helped relieve all of my symptoms, they were a lot less that night. And I can say the same for the nights following when I took it.

The flu season is rough this year, I’m going to keep some of this on hand in case it hits the house. I really like that it’s natural ingredients and wont react with any other medication.

You can find Oscillococcinum at local drug stores near you!

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