BMWs i8 Is Still The Closest Thing To The Future

BMW i8

The BMW i8 has been out for more than a couple of years now and yet, somehow, it is still in a league of its own in terms of luxury and wow-factor. Yes, there are other head-turning cars that threaten to end the same bell curve (yeah, we’re talking about you Tesla), but no other car has brought the future forward – no other car stalks down the road making people realise that the future has invaded the present – and that’s what makes it so special.

But there’s a difference between liking a car enough to look at it online and wanting to spend your hard-earned cash on bringing it back to your place where you promise to love and cherish it until death does you part.

So, without further ado, here are the irresistible reasons why owning a BMW i8 will change your life in the most incredible way possible:

  1. Smiles Per Gallon

The world thinks the Prius and the Leaf the VW Up are the ones leading the way on the economical front but, trust us, they’re all drooling over the figures the i8 manages. Seriously. The official figures out-do the Prius. It’s amazing. We’re talking about 134.5 mpg. Sure, this may not be achievable in real life, but you probably won’t mind that much when your car is keeping up with the lower-tier supercars in a race from 0-62mph. It’s impressive.

  1. Roar Of A Lion

One thing that lets the marketing team down is the fact you can’t make ‘supercharged straight three’ sound attractive to a petrolhead weighing up whether or not to become a lithium-lover. You get the impression it will sound like a pissed-off bee at a barbecue. But that isn’t the case because this car actually sounds like a Porsche chasing after a lion, even if a lot of it is implemented through the ActiveSound system.

  1. Repairing Made Easy

Believe it or not, there are a lot less moving parts in an i8 than in most other everyday cars, which is good news for you because it means the cost of repairs won’t be as high as you’ve been fearing. What’s more, these cars are still under warranty, which means you can pop along to a BMW auto repair place and have them do their stuff for absolutely zilch. Here’s the best part, though: they’ve been on the roads for more than a couple of years now, which means mechanics the country over have become accustomed to them, which was a worry at first.

  1. The Key

That’s right. The key. As in the actual key fob used for this car. It’s spectacular. It’s not even spectacular because all other key fobs have been pretty dull and boring and limited up until now, it’s spectacular in its own right. If you’ve not seen one before, it boasts an LCD screen that displays everything you could possibly want to know about your car, from how much charge it has, how far it can go until it needs to be plugged in, the time, everything. It’s a masterpiece of innovation.


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