Blogging Challenge – Day 30: Legacy

blogging challenge
blogger challenge

I’m finally going to do it – the last day of the Blogger Challenge. The weekend had gotten away from me, so it’s a great way to finish it up. I feel like I’m actually getting thing in order this week!

Day 30 of the blogger challenge wants us to: “List 10  things you would hope to be remembered for.”

Now, you probably know how much I love these list posts. They’ve been the hardest part of the whole blogger challenge. But I say I could honestly pull 10 answers out for this, so I’m not going to list 10 things.

Instead, I’ll just mention a couple things I want to be remembered for, if anything at all.

  • Frist, it’d be family – it’s a big thing in my life. I want to continue that tradition with my own family. While instilling them the family history and tradition in our kids and family.
  • Cooking – silly I know, but I like it. I love making recipes and making gluten free things taste good :).
  • Being nice – it’s just as simple as that!
What do you want people to remember you for?

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