Blogging Challenge – Day 3: What do I like about being a blogger?

blogger challenge
Blogger Challenge
*PHEW* We’re back to easy questions, well sort of. Day 3’s question to be answered: “What do you like about being a blogger?” This seems easy but let’s see if I can narrow it down.

The first thing people think about bloggers is “they work in their pjs and get stuff for free”. I’m not going to lie – I do work in my PJ’s sometimes. They’re comfy – wouldn’t you? But nothing is free! Blogging can be hard work and while we may get free items in the mail – we have to work for them, earn them and build our blog’s brand up in order to even get to that point.

One of the best things about blogging – you are your own boss. I keep my own schedule. Even before I started blogging, I said this about graphics and meetings with clients. My schedule is flexible. I can meet with a client, have lunch with a friend, hit the store and still be home to make dinner. I love being in control of my schedule, and I honestly feel I may be ruined for standard 9-5 life.

I’m not going to kid you and say blogging isn’t hard work. Some days I spend hours on end staring at my computer screen putting posts together, finding deals, freebies – checking my emails – replying to companies. You don’t just start blogging and magically things come to you. Readers, product reviews, freebies – we build up our blogs and our brands to a point and maintain it. There are days that I don’t want to look at it – I completely unplug. I walk away. I need to. I can’t spend EVERY night typing while I talk to my boyfriend and enjoying a movie. I need family time too. When I started my blog, I had no idea what went into it. I figured I’d just write a little (which I love to do), post some things I found and walk away. A few minutes a day turned to hours into a full time job. Would I go back and never start the blog if I could – no way – I love it!

One of my favorite things about blogging is making connections. I have made so many friends online and in person with other bloggers. I even made more of these connections at Reviewer’s Retreat earlier this month. But it’s not just blogging connections I have made, I am able to connect with companies, brands and learn about new products. My dorky marketing side comes out and I “oooo” and “aahh” at the new shiney things I get to look at and test.

I love blogging – it’s fun. It’s a lot of work. But it has provided another way for me to help to provide for our family. I’m able to pass on samples to parents, my sister, my nephew when I find good ones for the blog. I’m able to try new foods and new products. And the best part – I get to say what I really think about them. Although I haven’t had one yet, when I absolutely hate a product, you will hear about it!

Oh yah, working in your pajamas can totally rock too! Just remember to change before the rest of the household gets home 😉


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