Blogging Challenge – Day 28: I’m Grateful for…

blogging challenge
blogger challenge
There are a lot of things I wish I could change, instead of dwell on that let’s look towards the positive. It’s a beautiful day, so we all have a lot to be grateful for! It could be something small or big – but we all have something to be grateful for!

Day 28 of the blogger challenge asks “What are you grateful for today?”

There is a lot I’m grateful for today! I only have a few dollars in my accounts but I still feel like I’m doing pretty good. Our house is stocked with food and supplies, I’ve had a few cat cuddle sessions already, I have work projects happening and I have great readers who have stayed with me for the past year plus.

But I will say what I’m grateful for today – over all the rest, is the amount I’m able to help out others. Tomorrow I will be heading out of town for work and to drop some jewelry off at a new shop to be sold. But while I’m out in that direction I’m dropping off large piles of goodies – boogie wipes to my nephew’s Day care (I’m a Saline and Boogie Wipe Ambassador now!), things for both of my parents and sister, something fun for my nephew – and large boxes of goodies for my grandparents. I may not have a ton of money – but I’m happy that I can pitch in and help when I can!  And guess what, none of it would be possible without this blog – so for that, I’m grateful! 😀

What are you grateful for today?

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