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Blogging Challenge – Day 2: 3 Fears

Blogger Challenge
Yesterday was the first day of the Blogger’s Challenge. It was a fun quick little post about 10 random facts about me. Hope you enjoyed reading them!

Today is a little harder – today’s task is: “Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.” I’ve struggled with this because I have fears, but I don’t think they’re justifiable – some are just down right irrational!

So here we go – and feel free to join us in this journey and comment below!

Fear 1: Dobermans. This sounds silly I know. I’m not a huge fan of Rottweiler’s either. Why? When we were kids we use to play in the woods and field across the road from us. We would build forts with the neighborhood kids and have a great time. On the other side of the woods a house had a bunch of Dobermans. They got out more than once and chased us. Since then I’ve never liked them. I know it’s a generalization and yours might be the sweetest in the world – just I will ask it’s removed from near me.

Fear 2: Deer. Yes, Bambi. Again – I know it sounds silly. But they creep me out. I was driving down the highway at 18 and had 5 jump over a 6 foot barrier in front of me. I swerved out of the way and watched them “explode” behind me. Fast forward to a few years back when a deer ran into the side of my car… YES, the deer ran into me! It was small, was stunned and got up and ran away. It only knocked off my mirror and sprained BOTH of my hands.

Yes, deer are beautiful – but from a distance – far, far away!

Fear 3: Open riser stairs. Yes, this is a completely irrational fear. You know the stairs I’m talking about – the step is there, but the back is open. You can see all the way through them? I hate them. I don’t like going up them – and they better have a hand rail! My years of design school has taught me that they legally have to be able to a certain PSI, up to code – blah blah blah. I know they have to be structurally sound. I guess you can apply this to the clear plexi floor areas too. Rationally I know they’re solid, they’re good and I can walk over them or up and down them. But I can’t get past it.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Day 2: 3 Fears

  1. Bambi is killing me. I swear they are out to kill the human race. When I was younger, had several deer ‘incidents’ with them ramming into the side of the car, or over the car, or my dad slamming onto the brakes and wrecking the car because of the 4 hooved fiends.

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