Blogging Challenge – Day 13: 5 Weaknesses

blogger challenge
blogger challenge
We all have strengths and weaknesses – some make us stronger, others get in the way.

Day 13 of the Blogger Challenge asks us to describe five of our weaknesses. My guess is they don’t want us to talk about our weakness for blue eyes or similar things :). So here we go listing again…

  • Agreeing to too much – I have a hard time telling people no. I’ve learned from experience to only do this with people I trust though now. But I can find myself taking on too much!
  • Prioritizing – Sometimes it’s hard to break down what is really more important. Not everything has to be done right this second. I have to remind myself of that!
  • Expecting too much – Over the years I’ve come to realize I’m a perfectionist. I expect others to have the same values and standards. I find myself getting disappointed when others don’t…
  • Being a Perfectionist – Yup, it gets it’s own category. Why? I can find myself getting lost for HOURS on a detail on a project. Losing the whole point of the project. I once spent 3 hours working on a window in a 3D model – when I rendered my final view, you couldn’t even see it. Yup.. time well spent!
  • I’m OCD – Well on some things – I know that hardly makes sense. But I like to be organized. That being said, my dvds, music, files all are organized well. But if you look in certain areas I have unorganized pockets. Organized chaos, or what have you. Then other areas are completely unorganized. They nag to me, but they’re low on the priority list so I just let them go!


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