Blogging Challenge - Day 2: 3 Fears

Blogging Challenge – Day 1: 10 Random Facts about Week99er 

Blogger challenge
I’ve done something silly, I’ve agreed to a 30 day challenge with some of my blogging pals! What will be doing? A new post each day with information about us, so you can learn more about the bloggers behind the blogs! Now part of mine will be delayed over the holiday week coming up – but I’ll do my best to keep up!  Check back each day for more fun facts about your favorite bloggers!

Day 1: 10 Random Facts about Week 99er: 

  • I played the trombone for 10 years, and was part of an internationally touring youth band twice
  • I love to cook – I may not like standing in the kitchen but I love to make up new recipes as I go!
  • I have visited 38 states and 12 countries and always love traveling
  • I love photography! I started on a 110 and now use a DSLR – but my favorite camera is a Minolta “tank” from the 70’s with B&W film
  • I think working in the dark room is as close to a “zen” type feeling as I can find
  • I love reading almost anything -religious texts included – I find them fascinating.
  • I sometimes think I was born in the wrong decade – I love vintage and retro things.
  • I am a Water Baby – I grew up near Lake Michigan and I am drawn to water. And although I live on the other side of the state, I would drive hours to get back there.
  • I love delving into our family history – I am the family historian. I just wish I had more time for it.
  • I make handmade jewelry and art – it’s a nice change of pace from always looking at a computer screen!
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Becky is Content Creator in metro-Detroit. She is also an interior designer, a former adjunct professor, a gluten free foodie, and world traveler. Week99er is a lifestyle site featuring real life reviews of the latest in entertainment, technology, travel destinations and even set visits. Her Youtube channel gives in depth reviews and travel videos. Contact her at [email protected]

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1 thought on “Blogging Challenge – Day 1: 10 Random Facts about Week99er 

  1. Love it. Some I knew But others I didn’t. Makes us feel like we are part of a freindship thanks for including us.

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