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christmas presents
Christmas Presents
Bloggers are a powerful force in the new world markets but many people don’t know who or what is behind that internet posting. In the past few weeks we found out just how big the local bloggers hearts really are and want to take this time to send a big THANK YOU!!!
We were told about several families whose children were not going to have Christmas presents this year. An entire group of people lost their jobs earlier this year when the business they worked for eliminated several departments. The parents can survive…it is tough but they can survive. But what about the kids?

Job loss affects the entire family, not just the breadwinner. The young ones don’t and can’t understand. The older children may understand and try to put on a brave face but they still deserve a normal Christmas. Imagine how the parents feel when they can’t find the money to give their children even a basic Christmas. No one should need to feel that they are inadequate at this time of year especially when job loss is not the parent’s fault.

So when the bloggers in Metro Detroit heard about these families, they didn’t hesitate to step up and fill those gaps. They immediately asked for the names and ages for the kids. Next they found several gifts for each child and WRAPPED them too! All we had to do was pick them up and get the gifts to the parents!

Your big hearts and the time you took to provide for these families was magnificent. Anyone who thinks that bloggers just “take” things hasn’t met the Metro Detroit bloggers… they give, and give and give. Because of these bloggers, some children had a very merry Christmas.

Bravo Metro Detroit Bloggers Bravo! 


  1. Thank you for this people need to know and sometimes its hard to except but every community tries so hard to pitch in where there is a need


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