Bloggers on the Road – Reviewers Retreat Day 2.5 and 3! Recap and a Math  Problem#Revret12  #ImAtGreatWolf

reviewers retreat 2012
detroit to north carolina
Reviewer’s Retreat is officially over, all the traveling bloggers have hopefully made it home by now. Our small group logged over 660 miles yesterday alone and have all made it home safely.

I have to say we had a fantastic time at Reviewer’s Retreat, and were so busy we didn’t even get to go enjoy the water park!

We even had a great time in the car, with over 12 hours each direction we had great bonding experiences and have created memories we will have forever.

reviewers retreat

After our classes on the second day, they had a Pajama Party for all of the attending bloggers. A chocolate fountain, cotton candy, drinks and more goodies.

One of our favorite parts – the scavenger hunt! In a team of ten we ran around the Great Wolf Lodge to find different clues and tweet them up. The game was sponsored by Pampers. Our team – Team Silver did it in just over five minutes (clues were on multiple floors too!) – and we won! A group comprised of Coupon Bloggers who also do reviews dominated the game. We are all so happy and thankful for the sponsorship of Pampers! Thank you!

Why do Bloggers go to conferences and retreats? No, it’s not just for the swag (free products) – that’s just a perk of going! But we get to network with other bloggers, PR firms, companies launching new products so we can show you the newest things coming out. But most of all – to learn! There are rules to blogging, regulations we have to follow, ethics bloggers need to be aware of and new technology that we can use to help you follow us. Remember, bloggers pay to go to these conferences and retreats – so we can grow for our readers.

If you are a blogger and do product reviews you should definitely consider going to Reviewer’s Retreat.

blogger swag

Here is our Math problem from the trip:
4 Bloggers + Swag – Trunk Space = Problem
I’ve grown up around the Big Three Automotive brands my whole life – and currently live in the Motor City. My car is great for road trips, and have a huge trunk – but even that wasn’t enough for this trip!

I definitely know I will be back for Reviewer’s Retreat 2013!



  1. That sounds amazing. Glad you all had a wonderful time. and looking forwrd to all the awesome stuff you will be posting because of it.


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