Blogger Bash – Top Toys for the Holidays! #BBNYC

blogger bash 2014 review

Blogger Bash NYC
It may only be July, but my mind is already looking at what’s going to be the hottest toys for the holiday season. I’m not just talking about toys for the little ones – we know there are a ton of those coming out all the time, but for us big kids too! Last week I was in New York to attend Blogger Bash and check out the newest toy options for kids of all age, from several of our favorite brands. And don’t worry – you can check some out below, and will see a lot more about them in upcoming months!
Smokey the Bear

There were way too many cool toys to choose my favorites at Blogger Bash. From the MiP (Check out that video – how cool is he?), to new learning toys, games, and even new video games! We spent the whole weekend playing with toys and hanging out with friends.

Besides the awesome selection of toys, we also got to get pictures with some of our favorites from childhood: Smokey the Bear and Snoopy! Who wouldn’t love that?¬†After all – who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend playing with toys and meeting some of their childhood favorites?

Like I mentioned before there’s a lot of great things coming out this year, so many it’s hard to choose favorites. You can check out the pictures below. It was a great weekend of fun, and quite the experience! Thank you to all of the sponsors who were at the event! You were awesome and I loved meeting you all, and some of my favorites in person. There is a lot of great things coming this holiday season and beyond. Be on the look out for several toys from our childhood making a second appearance for our kids!




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