Blogger Bash 2015: Top Toy Picks! #BBNYC

blogger bash 2015

What other event can you have bunch with Care Bears, enjoy a performance from the Blue Man Group and have an evening playing with toys that haven’t even reached the stores yet? Blogger Bash returned to New York last week, and brought with it a lot of fun, excitement and even better – some pretty awesome toys!

This year there were too many cool to feature them all, but you can see a huge amount of them in the slideshow feature above. But some of my favorite new toys are below – they encourage learning, STEM, STEAM, break gender barriers, or bring out that inner five year old in me!

blogger bash 2015Care Bears are back!!! 

OK – so they never left, but they’re coming back in a HUGE Way. Not only are all of the Care Bears back for new adventures, new interactive toys, adorable clothing, a special Giant Care Bear for the holidays. But with the Care Bears new adventures, come new games, a return of the Care Bear Cousins and a lot more. Be on the look out for some great new items coming to the shelves this fall!

blogger bash 2015STEM and STEAM are BIG! 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – they don’t even need to know they’re learning! This year Hex Bugs has crawled out from the bug market, and now they’ve created full robotics. Build a working robot that works with science and physics. They can create a machine that shoots arrows, is a crane and more! The kit comes with everything they need to make their own working robot.

blogger bash 2015Bake Your Own Girl Scout Cookies at Home?! 

Now, this doesn’t need a lot of explanation here – but a kid safe oven with cookie mixes to make your own girl scout cookies at home! Pop them in, bake and enjoy. At this point they don’t have the gluten free cookie mixes available, but their was whispers they are coming soon!

Just think – you wont have to wait until Spring for your next Girl Scout cookie fix!

Blogger Bash 2015Female Super Heroes – It’s about Time!

Meet IAMElemental – some rocking and cool action figures made just for girls. Based around the elemental table, they use their different powers for good and to save the world! While their colors are more on the girl side, they aren’t too girly that boys wont play with them. Not only do the Elementals come with powers, and action figures – but you can find plates, lunch boxes, cups and more. Get ready to kick some bad guy’s butts with these strong girl figures!

Blogger Bash 2015Dinosaurs – they’re Everywhere! 

Ok – so we knew this would happen this year, with Jurassic World rocking through theaters. But check out the MIP Raptor from Wowwee! Not only do these guys play games and interact with you, but they have multiple modes. They will fight, play and even chase the ball. Play with the with the ball and watch as they follow it like a dog will. And the best part, no worries about it eating you like a real Raptor would!

blogger Bash 2015Shrinky Dinks Are back! 

I know my parents will probably cringe at this one – but I know how much we loved these bad boys as kids. And we can’t forget the smell they made. But now under Alex Brands, they’re not only made form a new material, but they come in a jewelry making kit. Your kids can make their own bracelets, earrings, rings and more. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything in the works for an adult version of the jewelry kit.. but I can dare to dream!

Blogger Bash 2015Power tools and Science are Cool!

Let’s break down that stigma that girls don’t know how to use tools. Educational Insights has a great Design and Drill activity board for girls as well as boys. The sets come with everything you need to make your design as well as the power tool to use on the set.

Also on their new product list – science kits for toddlers! Basic science experiments for the youngest learners in adorable animal shaped equipment. Get them learning young and all while having fun!

There are so many great toys coming out, and more in the works. I can’t wait to share more about them with you over the next few months. I’ve seen a surge of educational products and some that make my heart sing in happiness. This year learning is cool and let’s show those future generations that learning is fun!



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