Black Friday!? Isn’t it too early for this?

black friday
Black Friday
I know what you’re thinking.. there is no way she’s talking about Black Friday and Christmas already! But.. to be honest, I’ve been holding this back for a while.

Yes – I’m one of THOSE people. I start shopping for the next Christmas come the White Sales of January. And in all honesty, I’m done with shopping save 1 or 2 items I’m targeting for Black Friday.

Why go out on a crazy day like Black Friday? The Deals! My boyfriend and I have been hitting Black Friday sales together for the past seven years, and I will be honest we’ve never seen a crowd like the one in the picture! We’ve got it down to an art. We both have Thanksgiving dinner (linner?) with our families then meet up back near our place for dessert at a local diner. We both pick up papers and look through them during the day, and circle items we want to get. There are a few stores like Kohl’s that let you shop on Thanksgiving online – I order a few things there between dinner and pumpkin pie – it’s quick, it’s easy and it cuts one place off our list.

Why are so many people out at 2 am waiting in line on Black Friday? Because the deals are so good. It’s hard to find deals that good through the rest of the year.

Just last year I ended up getting a digital camera, 2 lens, a tripod, memory card and bag for about $600 off the regular price. I saved up for years to get my camera, and I cherish it every time I use it (which is quite often). They go on sale a lot – yes, but not that drastically.

So.. yes it’s early. But it’s already on my mind. Black Friday has even invaded my dreams (my boyfriend is still laughing about that). It’s September and I’m starting to work on my list of items to target for this November.

Want to find out what will be on sale in your area? Check out BlackFriday.infoSo yes, it’s a bit too early to find the Black Friday ads but but they’ve got some great End of Summer deals right now!

Happy Shopping! 🙂


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