Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo – Pick Up Even Large Messes!  

bissell turbo sweep review
Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo
I love the holiday season, and I love decorating. But one of the issues with having a tree (real or fake) is it can drop needles all over the floor. You can sweep, vacuum and try to get them up, but there are always more. It’s annoying but it’s part of the season. I’m always trying to make sure the messes are off the floor because one of our cats (Godiva of course) things that things like pine needles are delicious – which means more of a mess later. Our older vacuum just throws the needles out the back, it’s an unending battle.

Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo

That is until Bissell sent me their Perfect Sweep Turbo to review. I had actually seen the product previously at LEGO Kidsfest, where they had a competition to see who could sweep up the most LEGO bricks in a short amount of time (ever step on an errant LEGO? You can appreciate that!)

Now, I know you’re probably imagining a bunch of kids running around with vacuums and cords tripping everyone. But the Perfect Sweep Turbo is a cordless power vacuum! And what’s even better, it has a bin that is quickly remove-able so you can quickly empty it.

Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo

The Perfect Sweep Turbo is similar to the Natural Sweep that I previously reviewed, in both size and weight. You can easily store it in a closet, tip up the base and stash it away. You don’t need a closet for a huge vacuum, so it’s great for small spaces and apartments.

But what makes it different? It’s a powered vacuum that is cordless! You charge the battery and it will last up to a full hour of vacuuming on each charge! I don’t know about you, but I doubt I will ever be vacuuming for an hour straight! So that is a great selling feature for me.

Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo

One thing I loved about the Power Sweep Turbo is the handle is completely remove-able. This leaves you with a short handle, and you can use it as a hand-held vacuum for your stairs or hard to reach areas. It is basically two vacuums in one!

I took the Power Sweep Turbo on a cleaning spree through my house. Up and down both sets of stairs, through the whole main level of wood floors, and up stairs through the carpeted bedroom. I did have to empty the bin a few times, and it did a great job cleaning up all of the messes through the house. The bin was quickly filled with cat hair, random dirt and cat sand bits. I was amazed at how much such a little vacuum could pick up. It was also great in small areas like under the cupboards because it had small spinning brushes on the front that move when you push the vacuum.

I did notice that if you go too fast, or tip the base too far it can spill a little. But overall this is a fantastic vacuum for the price! It will pick up large items likes LEGO bricks, or pine needles. It can help clean up your place for the holiday parties coming up!

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