BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers great for Halloween fun! 

BIC Halloween
BIC Mark It Halloween
I love Halloween, its one of my favorite holidays. It’s not just the excitement of the holiday but leading up to it as well. This year I was given a hand by BIC in the decorating department! I was sent a BIC Mark-It package from Smiley360! And they came in just in time for our small party we had last weekend!

BIC Mark It Halloween

The package from Smiley not only had a full 36 set of BIC Mark-It markers, but a package of pumpkins to decorate, a paint brush, glue and an assortment of glitter.

At the party we let the kids have fun and decorate their own pumpkins – markers, glitter and all! They all were so creative and had a blast! I love that I can use the markers on anything, and use them from crafts to taking notes. What a great project and package!

Check out the Smiley360 Bic Mission here!

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