Beware the Man Eating Shark Boy This Halloween!

man eating shark costume review

man eating shark costume reviewOver the years, Goonie has had some pretty awesome Halloween costumes. He’s been super heroes, zombies and even Transformers. But this year, I have to say, this year’s costume is the best – it’s funny, it’s clever and it’s one that he can grow into. When we were looking at different costumes a couple months ago, with our eye out for the newest and grossest zombie costume, we came upon a Man Eating Shark costume we all started laughing and knew that was the perfect costume for this Halloween.

man eating shark costume reviewOriental Trading sent us the Man Eating Shark Costume to review this year, and it has everything you need in the package but a pair of shoes. We didn’t have to search too long before we found this year’s costume, but Oriental trading has costumes for whatever you’re going for including super heroes, cute baby outfits, couple outfits and even your kids favorite characters from Disney and Universal. I’m sure there are other hilarious costumes on there, but we’ve never seen anything as unique as the Man Eating Shark costume.

man eating shark costume reviewWhile looking for costumes we have to make sure that mobility and visibility isn’t an issue. Part of this is for school parties, but its also for safety for Trick-or-Treating in the dark. In the mouth of the shark costume there is a mesh area where the wearer can clearly see out. And arms, well there are three options for arms – in the fins to make them flap, through the arm holes to happily collect candy or through the pant legs holding a pair of shoes so it looks like the shark ate someone.

man eating shark costume reviewThe thicker material is perfect to help keep your child warm on these cold Midwest October nights, and the extra space inside under the body means they can wear whatever they want under the costume to stay warm and comfortable. But our favorite part about the Man Eating Shark costume is just how funny it is! The costume will not only send your kids into fits of laughter, but they may just get extra candy for such a fun and creative costume this year!

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