Best Solutions to Remove Your Personal Number from Google

If you value your privacy, it can be disappointing to see how easy it is for people to find personal details about you online. That information might include things like your address, phone number, workplace, relatives, and more. The good news, though, is that you can remove your information, including your phone number, from Google and from various other websites where your details might be available for all to see. Check out the tips below to get started. 

Follow Google’s Instructions for Removing Your Phone Number

If Google itself has your phone number and you want to remove it from their database, there are ways that you can go about doing so. For example, you have the option of removing your phone number from your Google account, and there are instructions available online to do it easily and quickly. Just select whether you plan on using an Android device, an Apple device, or a computer to manage the information that Google has on file about you. 

Visit People Search Websites to Remove Your Phone Number

Have you ever typed your name into a search engine to see what shows up? If you’re like a lot of people, you might be surprised to see that there are a lot of websites displaying your personal information, including your phone number. While these websites are out there to make it easier to find someone you want to contact, such as a long lost friend or a distant family member, if you are concerned about your privacy, that’s totally understandable!

Each of these people search websites should have a section with instructions on how you can request to have your information removed. For instance, if you head to Whitepages and find that your phone number is displayed there, you can search for Whitepages opt out tips that can give you instructions on how to get your phone number, as well as other information, removed ASAP. 

Intelius is another website that a lot of people use to find information about others, including phone numbers and other contact details. If you’d like to, there are Intelius opt out instructions that will make it easy to have your data removed from there as well. 

The bottom line is that you want to cover all of your bases. There are a lot of people search sites. So, whichever you are on, look for opt out instructions, or do a Google search, such as for BeenVerified opt out, to find the steps you need to take to ensure your privacy is secure. 

Remove Your Phone Number from Social Media Websites

If your phone number is provided to social media websites, people might be able to find it when they perform a search on Google, so it is a good idea to remove your number from those platforms as well. This should be easy to do, but you will need to follow the instructions on each platform individually to be sure you do it right. You might need to just remove it from your profile, or you might need to go deeper into your account details to see if you need to remove it from there too. 

Although it might take some time and effort, it is worth securing your personal information, including your phone number. So, when you’re ready, take steps to remove your phone number to make it harder to find.

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