Best Music for a Road Trip

planning a safe road trip

Best music for a road trip? Impossible. Task, that is. For there can be no best music for a road trip. Music is the language of the soul. And each human soul responds differently to that language. Your soul dictates how you respond to a particular song. Consider this: a song that may make you cry, may indeed make another person laugh, angry, or even uncomfortable listening to the song.

Of course, age plays a role in the kind of music your soul enjoys. For instance, I grew up in the eighties and nineties listening to Elton John, Boz Scaggs, Todd Rundgren, Peter Frampton, and KC and the Sunshine Band. Ask me if I like Hip-Hop or Rap music and I will respond emphatically – no! I cannot stand either music genre. But, hey, that is just me. I don’t knock those who listen to that kind of music.

Personally, my soul enjoys listening to music that speaks raw truth to it – even if it is painful truth. What does my soul define as truth?

Truth, to my soul, is when the melody and words of a song complement each other so perfectly -so beautifully – and the artist singing delivers the song so magically, that my soul is stirred to tears. In such spiritually surreal moments, my soul fills to the brim with feelings of such immense gratitude that I often times end weeping like a child throughout the entire song. And sometimes even afterward! When this happens, it is then I know my soul has been stirred.

I will be honest: my soul has weeped listening to a song while driving, during moments of solitude, while watching a movie at home or in a theater. So many inspiring songs have stirred my soul to tears during my lifetime: Cats In A Cradle by Cat Stevens; Trouble by Coldplay; You Will Always Be Beautiful In My Eyes by Elton John; Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren; I Will Remember You by Amy Grant; The Dance by Garth Brooks; It’s Too Late by Carole King; You And I Collide by Howie Day – and my soul’s two all-time favorite songs: It Wouldn’t Have Made A Difference by Todd Rundgren and “And When She Danced” (from the movie Stealing Home) by David Foster and Marilyn Martin.

When I listen to such songs, my soul takes a deep breath, the attention blurs, and I am whimsically taken back in time to a precious land filled with memorable foregone memories. In such moments, perhaps I am taken back to a time more innocent in my life. Perhaps I am taken back to a time filled with circumstances that now I so badly wish I could return to, and change. Still other times, I am taken back to a time filled with warm memories of friends and loved ones I have lost along the way. In such moments, my soul fills with joy. For it is once again in the company of beautiful souls which my soul still misses. And loves.

Best music for a road trip?

Why, there is only one kind – the kind that stirs your soul to tears, to weep; the kind which leaves the soul filled with heart-warming gratitude for all that you have had the opportunity to experience – and recall with fondness – during your lifetime.


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