Best Kept Secrets: Have You Considered These Alternative Travel Destinations?


When you’re the kind of person who loves travel and spends their time getting away to all variety of new and exciting locations, it can be hard to keep the thrill alive after a certain point. Every well-seasoned traveler has experienced that moment where they feel as though they’ve seen all of the places that there are to see and that they’ll never be able to get that amazing sense of discovery that has given them such a thrill in the past ever again. Well, if you have found yourself feeling like that don’t worry! Because no matter how well traveled you might be there is always going to be somewhere that you’ve never seen or even heard of! With that in mind, here are a few incredibly hidden gems that even the most well-seasoned traveler might never have encountered.


Hispaniola is the second largest island in the Caribbean. And yet, despite this and it’s large population, it’s one of the most overlooked travel destinations in that region! It’s made up of some genuinely breathtaking mountains and valleys that are sure to excite even the most experienced traveler. Not only that but it’s filled with lots of exciting history and culture, being one of the first islands of the Americas discovered by Christopher Columbus. And, of course, being located in the Caribbean, you’re pretty much guaranteed to come into contact with some truly amazing beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun to your heart’s content.


The Greek island of Skyros might feel a little bit familiar to some people since it got something of a publicity boost in 2008 as the location of the hit movie Mamma Mia. However, it’s still one of the most underrated of the Greek islands. There are very few resorts or tourist locations on this island, but that makes it absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to experience a more authentic way of life, rather than one that has been carefully constructed to appeal to travelers and tourists. With a beautiful cliffside town which features an annual carnival, to the beautiful pine filled landscapes and gorgeous cathedral, Skyros is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get away from it all for a while.


Sure, there are plenty of places in the USA that are fantastic destinations, and Hawaii certainly isn’t the most obscure. Oahu is one of those places that even the well-traveled might not be aware of. Which is a real shame because it boasts some truly incredible landscapes that you owe it to yourself to experience first hand. Despite the fact that it isn’t technically open to the public, thousands of people every year climb Oahu’s famous “stairway to heaven,” a steep trail with a wooden ladder spiked directly into the cliff face. And those that do rave about how truly amazing the views from it really are. If you’re the kind of person, who wants to feel like they’re on top of the world. Then Oahu is the perfect destination for you.

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The Dominican Republic

For a lot of people, the point of taking any kind of trip is to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet in a beautiful place. If that’s the case, and you’re starting to feel like the same old places just aren’t scratching that itch for you, then the Dominican Republic may well be perfect. Areas like Punta Cana are perfect for anyone who just wants to spend their time lazing on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. If you want a taste of luxury without having to deal with endless crowds of people, then look no further.


If you have a love for the exotic histories and cultures of other people, then you owe it to yourself to check out Oman. If you’ve taken trips to places like Istanbul as though you’ve seen everything there is to be seen, Oman is perfect for you. Filled with beautiful Arabian palaces, traditional trading towns, and historic mosques. While you’re there make sure to go to the city of Nizwa. The city is one of the most culturally rich places in that part of the world with more things that you could possibly see in a single trip.


Many people seem to feel as though they’ve seen everything that France has to offer while leaving entire areas untouched. The city of Marseille, located on the south coast of France, is one such place. Over the last decade, it’s undergone a huge amount of rejuvenation that has transformed it into a bustling destination filled with boutiques and fine dining. And while you’re there it’s not too much trouble to skip over to Lyon, France’s food capital. If you’re something of a foodie, you really have no excuse not to check out the incredible dishes that are available in this corner of the world.


When you think of travel destinations in America, it’s pretty unlikely that Wyoming is going to appear particularly high on anyone’s list. And that’s a real shame because this state has some of the most amazing things to offer travelers who want a unique and memorable experience. In fact, there’s one thing that makes going to Wyoming worth it all on its own: Yellowstone National Park. Visiting Yellowstone is one of those things that every traveler simply has to do at least once. From the lush landscape to the beautiful wildlife, there is nothing that quite compares. And the best part is that it’s an amazing place to visit no matter when you go. Touring Yellowstone in the winter is completely different from the summer but just as beautiful, with the added benefit of skiing! Of course, that’s not that Wyoming has to offer. From the wonderful locals to some amazing food, it’s a true hidden gem.


It’s amazing how many people visit Thailand every year, and never even realize that just a little bit to the south is one of East Asia’s genuine hidden gems! Indonesia is the kind of place that really does seem to have it all. Perhaps you want to experience the bustling life in a modern city; then you can do no better than the giant melting pot of Jakarta or the cultural hub that is Yogyakarta. Of course, if you’re more interested in getting off the grid then you’ve got everything from the volcanoes of Java to the amazing backpacking trails of Bali.

The Philippines

Another hidden gem in Asia’s crown, The Philippines are the perfect destination if you want a truly relaxing beach getaway! With places like Malapascua Island offering some of the very best beaches and diving spots in all of Aisa, maybe even the world! Not only that but you’ll find that the locals of these places are so friendly that they are likely to invite you into their homes for dinner the moment that they meet you! It’s also a place that feels very different from the rest of Asia. There’s a lot of Roman Catholic influence in The Philippines which means that the whole place has an almost South American feeling to it which it wholly unique in all of Asia.


Africa has always been an incredibly popular tourist destination, no matter what stereotypes about Africa there are, anyone who actually explores the continent comes to realize what a vibrant and alive place it really is. However, most people stick to the same few areas when they visit. So why not try somewhere a little less explored like Botswana. With the beauty of the Okavango Delta and the many national parks, there are enough things to fill up any vacation. The sheer beauty of the wildlife alone makes this trip well worth it.


Have you ever walked down the street and felt like you were in a fairy-tale? Well, if you visit Colmar, France, then you might just get to experience that first hand. With gorgeous cobbled streets and its very own “Petit Venise,” this town is a fantastic alternative to that Italian city as a significantly lower price tag. Not only that but the area around Colmar is filled with vineyards that you can go and visit.


Vienna might be the jewel in Austria’s crown, but Salzberg has just as much to offer. It’s filled to the brim with culture and art, as well as beautiful architecture. Of course, because it’s not as well known or popular as Vienna, you’re not going to have to deal with nearly as many people while you’re trying to enjoy yourself and see the sights.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to go back to the same place over and over. After all, travel is extremely personal and should be entirely your choice. But if you feel as though you’re losing some of the delight and excitement that you once felt while traveling, it’s worth seeking out some lesser known places and discovering somewhere you might never have otherwise noticed.


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