Best Cowboy Vacations in the U.S.


If you have ever wanted to quit your job and become a cowboy, here’s your chance. OK… No. Don’t quit your job to become a cowboy. For a few days, though, you can put on your cowboy hat and boots to experience the lifestyle of one. These resorts cater to people who want a taste of what it’s like to live on the ranch and play out their Wild-Wild West fantasies.

Triple Creek Ranch

Located in Darby Montana, neatly tucked away in the Bitterroot Mountain Range of the Northern Rockies is the Triple Creek Ranch. The beautiful view of the mountains is enough, but the entire 26,000 acre property is breathtaking. That’s a lot of room for activities and they have just that for you in the form of horsemanship events, driving cattle, and the equestrian sport of team penning.

After you’ve had your fill of riding, 23 opulent log cabins are there waiting for you to kick your feet up, relax and enjoy the calm vibe. All of the cabins come stocked with food so you can recharge after a long day on the ranch.

The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch

Take a trip to Saratoga, Wyoming if you want to get down and dirty, and pamper yourself in the same day. Surrounded by a million of federally owned wild land acres, this 15,000 acre property in The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch has the best of both worlds. A true cowboy experience can be had here and has horsemanship experiences for anyone of all skill levels.

You can enjoy some barrel racing, wrangling, or just be an easy-rider and take a walk with some real cowboys on the cattle range. Get up early and take a gallop to the Brush Creek banks for a rugged breakfast, and anytime during the day stop at some of their spa amenities and soak up the atmosphere.

Tanque Verde Ranch

An authentic experience is to be had out at the Tanque Verde Ranch, since they are a resort that doesn’t believe in TVs. That gives you more time to enjoy and truly appreciate everything this 60,000 acre desert landscape has to offer. Holding upwards of 160 horses, this is the largest dude ranch in the country, so there are many sights to take in and thing to do.

During the day you can take rides on horseback through all of the different areas of exploration and marvel at nature. Cowboy cookouts are held every week in the evening. There you can also enjoy some great live music and get your fill of some tasty barbecue.

Vista Verde Guest Ranch

Vista Verde Guest Ranch, located near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is a mix of enjoying the great outdoors and top of the line luxury. It sits on the outskirts of the Routt National Forest, so it’s the perfect place to disconnect from stress, but reconnect to nature.

There is a myriad of activities the whole family can enjoy like fishing, biking, hiking, and it wouldn’t be a dude ranch without the horseback riding. Around September, the 16,000 acre area brings people out for its famous cattle round-ups for adults to enjoy and ride all day long. The food and accommodation is top notch, and every cabin holds a hot tub so ranch-goers can relax after a day of riding.

Circle Z Ranch

Patagonia, Arizona, is the home of the all-inclusive dude ranch Circle Z. Located in Arizona Sky Islands, you are sure to see beautiful sights with its vast grasslands and towering mountains; and especially the Sonoita Creek, a beautiful oasis that runs through the middle of the ranch.

When you first arrive you will definitely feel that Southwestern vibe in the spirit and build of the property with its rustic wood and expertly crafted furniture. You seemingly have unlimited trails to explore led by expert wranglers that take you through the different terrain it has to offer. There’s activities available for you back at the ranch or you can just sit back and enjoy your stay in the cozy rooms.Between three meals being fed to you each day and bonding with the staff, horses and other guests, you will have a tough time leaving this home away from home.


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