Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion Review

Berry Hi-Tech Fashion comes to DVD with Sweet Stickers Included

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion Review

What’s sweeter than fashion, stickers and friendship? Only Strawberry Shortcake of course! This week a new Strawberry Shortcake adventure makes it’s way to DVD and Digital HD in Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion. The new adventure includes takes on fashion in a new and fun way.

About Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion:

Strawberry Shortcake and her friends show off their fashionista flair in three sweet adventures about trying your best. When their favorite “berrynet” show announces a fashion tech contest, the girls put their heads together to show off their sensational style! But with the pals busy with their designs, there’s “Berry Double Trouble” as two bickering twins, Sweet and Sour Grapes, try to keep the café running smoothly. The arrival of Strawberry’s traveling cousin, Apple Dumplin’, also throws things off-balance as everyone works to make their unexpected guest feel welcome in “Berry Bitty Adventurer.” And as they prepare to unveil their berryriffic work, a little “High Tech Drama” threatens to unravel it all. Good thing these berry best friends know that sweet rewards come to those who work together!
DVD includes special Strawberry stickers so kids can add their own bling to their favorite fashions right along with their Berry Bitty City pals!

The new movie is a lot of fun and one that is perfect for younger girls. We love the focus on teamwork and friendship and of course some fashion fun. Besides including sweet stickers inside your little one is going to love, Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion also has special features including:

  • Berry Sweet Mash-Ups
  • Printable Coloring Pages and Activity Sheet
  • Strawberry Shortcake and Friends Videos

You can get Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion on DVD and Digital HD everywhere on Tuesday. It is rated G and has a total run time of 66 minutes.

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