BeGrit N10 Sound Machine For Calls and Relaxation #begritwhitenoisemachine

BeGrit N10 Sound Machine Review

BeGrit N10 Sound Machine ReviewI remember years ago, I’d see a sound machine in fancy gift machines and look at them longingly. The idea of having something to play calming music while I tried to relax was fantastic. The only problem was, the price – they were always way out of my budget. However, with technology getting more affordable every day, prices are dropping down and having your own sound machine has become more affordable than ever.

BeGrit N10 Sound Machine ReviewWe were sent a BeGrit N10 Sound machine to review, and it was promised to have four different sound already loaded in it. Instantly, I was shocked at the size of the speaker – it only measures 4″ x 2″ x 1 1/2″, and could easily be transported with you anywhere. It came with an arm strap attached and in the back is a 128 MB Micro SD card pre-loaded with the sounds of the sound machine. The back has an easy to use on and off switch, a USB port, DC in for charging via micro-USB and a head phone jack. Pretty much everything you can expect and need for the small machine.

BeGrit N10 Sound Machine ReviewThe BeGrit N10 is actually more than just a sound machine. when you first turn it on, it will default to the “Music Play Model” or the sound machine. You can add more sounds to the provided card, swap to the music you want on the card, or add your own card in. The speaker also works as a Bluetooth speaker and you can use it to send music from your phone and even to take calls. The buttons on the top allow you to advance songs, fast forward or pause your music or switch to your phone.

Overall the sound quality of the BeGrit is clear and crisp. The voice that tells you the mode its in has an accent that can be hard to understand at times, but that is a minor issue with the speaker. The only negative feature I see with the BeGrit N10 is the speaker doesn’t have volume controls. If you are using the speaker as a Bluetooth device you can adjust the volume through your mobile device. Unfortunately you cannot do that with the sound machine mode. But that being said, the sound machine’s choices of light rain, rain forest, waves and heavy rain are nice and have clean sound for when you want to use them to relax, disconnect and enjoy the moment.


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