Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey Let’s You Enjoy Raw Honey From Around the World

Beekonscious Honey Review

For centuries, we’ve known that honey is one of the absolutely the best foods that we can get from nature. And our small friends, the humble honey bee are the ones that make it. And while over the past several years, focus has been on ways to help the bee population out and our world’s dependence on them.

We have conversations about the health benefits of honey, and different ways you can use it – and there are countless different versions. But there aren’t as many conversations about the variety of honey and how seasons, or location can change everything.

When you go and pick up a jar or bear of honey at the store – what do you know about it? It says honey on the packaging, but is it really what is in there? Often, store bought honeys are overly processed, not raw and could even contain little to no honey at all.

Unless you are a beekeeper yourself, you may not have access to local and raw honey easily. But thankfully, companies like Bee K’onscious is changing that by making raw honey easy to get and from all over the globe. But what’s the difference anyhow? Raw honey is unadulterated honey, it is taken from the hive and filtered into a bottle. No additives, nothing fake – just straight from the hive.

Bee K’onscious currently offers four varietals: Brazilian Cipo Uva, Brazilian Marmeleiro Prateado, Montana Clover and a much sought-after California Sage. The selection of unique honeys will continue to expand as the Bee K’onscious team continues to search the globe for beekeepers that have integrated best practices. Curious what the flavor difference is from different areas? Test out a different variety and their flower source to try something new with your tea and beyond.

Ever wonder just where your honey comes from? Each jar of Bee K’onscious’s single-origin honey is sourced from the finest beekeepers around the world, with a QR-coded label that allows customers to scan and trace the honey to the single beekeeper who produced it. The “hive to home” honey brand has partnered with TagOne, a provider of blockchain technology, to provide customers the ability to ensure the source of the jar is producing 100% pure, unfiltered, unpasteurized, non-blended honey.

If you’re looking for a raw honey experience, or want to expand your flavor options in honey Bee K’onscious will become your favorite resource for ethically sourced honey from around the world. Find out more information on Bee K’onscious Honey and order your own variety pack by visiting their website.


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