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Beautiful Creatures – Spellbinding & Romantic

beautiful creatures
Last week, just in time for Valentine’s Day Beautiful Creatures hit theaters nation wide. The story comes from the first book in a series of four by Authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, which was written specifically for teens and the young adult reader market.

The movie focuses on Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate as the teenagers meet and fall in love under the most unusual circumstances. Is there love strong enough to survive through the normal and supernatural forces?

We were lucky enough to see the movie before it hit the big screens. I will be honest, I knew the very basic story and what it was about. To date I’m still only through about a quarter of the first book, but didn’t fully know what to expect. My boyfriend on the other hand – just knew we were going to the movie.

Beautiful Creatures captivated both of us. There were a couple slow parts, but the movie is full of beautiful scenery, and great acting all wrapped up in a beautiful love story. We both really enjoyed the movie and the story behind it.

The movie is a shortened version of the first book (which comes in at around 600 pages). But from what I’ve been told it isn’t far from the original story. This is a great movie to see with the one your love or your best friends. A truly romantic movie and a great addition to the genre.

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beautiful creatures



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