Be Protected in any Weather with a Rain Scarf

rain scarf review

rain scarf review

Not all fashion accessories are made equally. We know when we pick up something cute that it may not go too far beyond that. But I really prefer having accessories that not only look good but function well, especially wen I’m traveling or on the go. This year Just Solutions sent us one of the Rain Scarfs, a reversible scarf that has a couple extra tricks up its┬áproverbial sleeve.

Rain Scarf ReviewA Rain Scarf is a unisex scarf that is for a bit cooler weather, since it is made of thicker material and comes in a variety of colors. The outside is a nice soft material that can go with every outfit, and the inside is lined with a water proof fabric and has two large pockets with zippers that you can use to put your keys, wallet or phone in.

rain scarf reviewWith the hidden pockets inside the scarf, the Rain Scarf is very useful, but that is not all it does. If it starts raining or snowing you can simply reverse the scarf and have a completely waterproof scarf on the go. It can help protect your hair or your items while you’re on the go. If you don’t want to completely flip the scarf over, I found it’s just as easy to pull the water proof hood out and stay dry while keeping my scarf in place.

The thicker material does seem to make the Rain Scarf a go to year round solution, but for cooler weather – which we have in abundance this is the perfect solution to keep with you and to keep yourself warm, and dry through any weather.

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