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bfree gluten free bread review

bfree gluten free bread reviewThe hardest part about being gluten free for me is finding a bread that I like. At this point, I thought I had tried everything out there. And for me, it’s almost been a Goldilocks situation, some of the bread was too sweet, others had too many air holes. Until I was introduced to BFree, I hadn’t found a bread that was “just right”. My first question was why I hadn’t heard of BFree before, and the answer was simple – it’s just now available here in the Midwest.

bfree gluten free bread reviewSince BFree is going to be available in our area now, they sent me a box of their products to test out and review. Gluten free bread is expensive, so when the box from BFree showed up, for me it was almost like Christmas. Inside was 2 of every product they offer: Quinoa and Chia Wrap with Teff and Flaxseeds, Brown Seeded Rolls, Soft White Rolls, Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf, Soft White Sandwich Loaf, Multigrain Wrap, Multiseed Bagel, and Plain Bagels. It was a large box of goodies that I was happy to tear into and try out.

The bread is soft and makes a great sandwich, and are sliced thinner than any other gluten free bread on the market so far. The sandwich loafs are longer than traditional bread which makes a great sandwich, but makes it a bit hard to fit inside a toaster. However cut in half they’re perfect for the taster. It was an absolute pleasure to take out a dinner roll that didn’t taste like foam. The rolls were perfect to go along side our Easter meal and dip in gravy and not worry about any cross contamination. I’m not sure if it’s always been because of gluten, but I’ve never been a fan of bagels – that is until I tried the ones from BFree. They aren’t overly yeasty, they toast well and taste great with a little cream cheese.

Overall I’m completely thrilled with every one of the BFree products I’ve tried. Not only are the products gluten free but they are all also wheat, dairy, egg, nut and soy free, making them free from all major allergens and suitable for vegans. They don’t compromise flavor or texture and they will absolutely change how you enjoy your gluten free meals at home.

BFree is now available in the Midwest and other locations, check their store locator to see if they’re available near you!


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