Be As Cool As Emma Peel

If you’ve ever watched the original Avengers series, a British TV show that ran from the 60s to the 80s, you’ve probably come across Emma Peel. In the movie, It’s Uma Thurman who plays the adventurous spy. But in the 60s series, it’s Dame Diana Rigg who portrays Emma with brio, sensuality and a lot of fun. Needless to say, Diana’s Peel has defined coolness for many generations since the first episode appeared on their TV. Emma Peel is an expert in martial arts, a strong feminist role model and a true icon of feminist culture. But more importantly, she drives a sports car, a Lotus Elan, at high speed, engages in many exciting sports activities and shows that women can be just as valuable and performant than men. It’s easy to see why the character continues to enjoy well-deserved fame. Emma Peel is like nobody else. And maybe, there are still lessons in the art of being cool that she can teach us today!

Muscle activities: Liberating, attention-seeking and cool

Being cool starts by accepting who you are. You can’t pretend to coolness if you’re not comfortable with yourself. And this is ultimately the first lesson we learn from Emma Peel. Cool is about loving who you are and being true to yourself. When you finally get rid of all pretence, you can also stand up for yourself. Of course, it might feel uncomfortable at first, carving your own path by following your dreams and your personality is what cool is about. As a result, for Emma Peel, this shows in her choice of muscle activities. She’s a fencer, a car driver and a martial arts enthusiast. Sure, there is a sense of attracting the attention, as you differ from the crowd. But you can embrace the liberating feeling of being your own true self and not the product of social expectations.

Get your dream muscle car

Drop everything and pick a muscle car that brings all the wows you need in your life! Isn’t it what Emma Peel suggests? Of course, you might struggle to find the perfect Lotus Elan nowadays, but how about a Ford Mustang Coupé instead, such as Since the facelift change the Mustang doesn’t look any more like the model from the past. But the upgrades of the new model make up for the new fascia! Indeed, from high rev reach usually reserved for luxury vehicles to exquisite handling prowess, you can channel your inner speed-addicted spy behind the steering wheel. The new Emma Peel, it seems, should drive a Mustang.

Learn to flex your muscle in a new way

Finally, push yourself towards a new adventure. Like Mrs Peel, don’t be afraid to try something new, such as skiing,  It’s never too late to challenge yourself, and more importantly, you’re never too old to be cool as long as you pick something reasonable for your fitness levels. The oldest French cyclist, Robert Marchand, is over 100-year-old and still cycling, so don’t let your age be an obstacle.

We still have a lot to learn from strong women. Even though Emma Peel was never a real character, she’s inspired countless women to follow their dreams and exist in a male-dominated society. So, like Emma, why don’t you channel your inner Peel and shine?

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