Bauhaus Meets Modern with the Mondaine Classic Watch

Mondaine Classic Day Date review

Mondaine Classic Day Date reviewIn the past few years you see less and less watches on the arms of people at work, at dinner or really anywhere. The smart phone is king and has taken over as a time piece for many people. But there are some hold outs that crave and look for a quality watch that will not only keep them on time, but also doesn’t annoy them by vibrating them every time someone posts on social media or an email comes in.

Mondaine Classic Day Date reviewFor people looking for a quality wrist watch to accent their outfits, to fit their life and tell time there is Mondaine Swiss watches. Simple and elegant designs are just the start of what the watches offer. Mondaine sent us one of their Classic Day Date watches to review, and just upon opening the box I was amazed at how beautiful the watch is. Mondaine watch faces were inspired by the railway clocks and they turned their designs into the licensed by the Federal Swiss Railway. All produced in Switzerland, each Mondaine watch has high quality sweet gears inside that provide smooth movement in an incredible statement piece.

Mondaine Classic Day Date reviewMondaine watches aren’t over designed and their simplified face makes them a favorite for architects, designers, artists and innovators. This may be why I’m drawn to the watch in general. Besides being a simple and functional design, the Mondaine Classic has an understated black leather strap with a red leather interior. The black, white and red play nicely off each other and can go with virtually any outfit. Since the watch band isn’t huge, and the Classic can work for both men and women.

For me, I’d rather have a beautiful watch that I know actually keeps time than one that will be constantly buzzing. The gift of a Mondaine watch isn’t one that needs charged, or will be a dying fad. Instead it’s an art piece you can wear and enjoy all while it’ll keep you on time.

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