Bathtub vs Shower: Which One is Better and Why

Bathtub vs Shower: Which One is Better and Why

Are you a bathtub or shower person? Choosing between the two options is a matter of personal preference and taste. We investigate the options and help you determine the most suitable one. Without much further ado, here are important factors you must take into consideration when deciding between having a bathtub or shower.

Which one uses less water?

The shower wins this hands down. A standard shower head pumps out 2.6 gallons per minute, meaning a quick 10-minute shower uses up 26 gallons of water. However, when using a special low-flow shower head, the same shower will only use 12.5 gallons. A standard bathtub, on the other hand, holds approximately 50 gallons of water. Unless you regularly take showers that last 20 minutes, taking a shower saves more water.

This does not mean you avoid taking baths completely. A classic water conservation trick involves reusing your bathwater. Note that some products used while taking a bath are toxic for outdoor use; so, be careful.

Which option is safer?

You probably didn’t think cleaning yourself can be a potential health risk. Both bathtubs and shows present numerous opportunities for injury. If you consider the shower, for instance, a slip and fall is possible in the shower, because you stand and move around while taking a shower. While enjoying a relaxing bath, there is a possibility of falling asleep or drowning or burning the entire house if you forget to blow out the scented candles.

Thankfully, most safety risks associated with bathtubs are avoidable, but you cannot really help a slip and fall in the shower. Therefore, the bathtub wins when it comes to safety.

Which one helps you to get cleaner?

It may seem like taking a bath in the bathtub simply exposes you to a cesspool of filth from your own body. Turns out it’s rightly so, but only to n extent. Baths are vital because, through soaking, you end up shedding dead skin cells.

However, you sit in water containing dead skin cells and the dirt from your body, including the residual soap. Thankfully, there’s a fix: you can simply rinse off immediately after taking a bath. Michael Lamew from says Showers are okay for cleaning yourself every day, but a bath does more justice, as it goes a little deeper than your regular shower would.

Which one allows you to save more time?

It probably comes as no surprise that taking showers takes less time compared to baths. Most people take approximately 8 minutes to shower, while it takes 7 minutes to fill up the regular bathtub with a standard faucet running six gallons per minute. Therefore, a shower will work best if you need to rush.

Bottom line: Both the bathtubs and showers have their pros and cons. Furthermore, there is a time and place for each of the options discussed. Therefore, you might want to resort to taking showers during the weekdays and indulge in long, luxurious baths over the weekends. Do not forget to take cold showers as well, as these have proven to be refreshing and therapeutic


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