BarCooler Makes Bringing Your Favorite Drink on the Go Easier

bar cooler review

bar cooler reviewIf you’re hitting the road, packing a picnic or getting ready for a day at the beach there is always one struggle you’ll run into – how to fit everything in the cooler. No matter what, we know what has to go into the cooler, water, meat and dairy products and condiments. But what gets left out of your cooler because of lack of space? Your favorite bottle of wine, that craft brew or even a chilled drink for later. How do you pack them, keep them the perfect temperature and not have to haul a whole nother cooler with you? By keeping a BarCooler on hand of course.

bar cooler reviewBarCooler makes custom bottle shaped coolers to keep your favorite spirits chilled for just the right time. They sent us two of their most popular products to test out and keep in our bags for summer parties and more.

What exactly is a BarCooler? It’s a bottle shaped cooler that is perfect for just one bottle at a time. The outside of each stainless steel to give them a sleek appearance, but also help keep the temperature inside with its double walled construction. Your drinks will stay cold inside for hours. Just grab your beer or wine out of the fridge (white only please!) and slide it into your BarCooler when you’re ready to go.

bar cooler reviewEach BarCooler has a three piece construction including a removable bottom, a body insulator sleeve and a top. Each piece is lined with an insulators sleeve that can be easily remove. The bottom piece has a small piece of the insulator sleeve, which does move. Even though it moves, I found that it helps keep the bottle from moving inside. The wine bottle BarCooler also has a rubber top that you can place on top after you remove the cork so you can bring your bottle with you later, even after opening it. The beer bottle version doesn’t include this since the chances are you will finish the beer in its cooler faster than you would finish a bottle of wine.

BarCoolers are easy to use, functional and an affordable gift for drink lovers in your life. You’ll be able to keep your wine, beer and other drinks the perfect temperature for when you arrive at your next party, or kick back in your hammock.


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