Balancing a Healthy Diet and Exercise for Heart Health

heart healthy meal options

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heart healthy meal options

Our heart is one of the most important organs in our body, but it’s often one that we forget to worry about. Yes, we pay attention to it on the emotional level, but often we forget to take the necessary steps to protect our heart through our life styles. The heart is the power house of our body, and making sure it’s taken care of will make sure we have longer and healthier lives.

heart healthy meal options

Heart health has been important to me since I was young, probably because of my family history and relationship to heart health. Henry Ford Health System asked me to share my story and ways you can implement a heart healthy life style in the New Year, this is a sponsored post on behalf of them.

heart healthy meal options

Thinking about heart health isn’t something that everyone starts doing in their early twenties, but for me it probably started a lot earlier than that. I grew up with a friend that actually was born with a hole in her heart, but other than hearing stories about her surgeries as a kid, it didn’t impact me much. When my grandmother got sick and was hospitalized, heart health became all I could think and worry about. Was I eating right? Would working out more and being more active help? My grandmother battled and unfortunately lost to congested heart failure and since then I’ve been focused more on making sure our family has a healthy hearts and protecting them with our lifestyles.

heart healthy meal options

Simple changes to your lifestyle can make a big impact on your health and your heart. One of the biggest factors for any healthy change is diet. That doesn’t mean tossing out all of your favorite foods, but instead enjoying them in moderation and eating heart healthy foods with a balanced diet. Ideas of heart healthy foods are walnuts, salmon, berries, avocado, apples, oranges, greens and lean meats. The good fats can help reduce your cholesterol and actually provide you with a heart healthy balance.

Other changes are more simple like being more active, from working out daily or even going for a daily walk.  Physical activity helps strengthen your heart and can even help reduce stress – which is also good for your heart. I’m not a huge fan of running or physical work outs, so my go-to work out is walking daily or doing yoga to help focus and relax myself.

heart healthy meal options

Sometimes no matter what we do, heart health can be the hand we are dealt with genetics. Thankfully, in our own back yard is Henry Ford Health System, which not only offers different resources for all types of health care but is also home of The Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute. It focuses specifically on your heart and minimally invasive surgeries and treatments. They provide individual focus treatment plans for patients who come from all over for care, and develop a unique care plan for each.

If you need heart screening, BMI testing, Vascular Disease Screening and Comprehensive Heart Screening, as well as other testing, you can get it done with the Henry Ford Health System Heart Screening. And for a precise focus on women’s heart health care, patients can go to Henry Ford Health System Women’s Heart Center.

If you’re unsure of your risk of heart disease risk you can take the Heart Health Risk Assessment online for free or if you are in Texas you can visit cardiology specialists in Houston for a more thorough exam. It’s a quick test that allows you to see the age of your heart and the possible risks your family history. The test takes your current health numbers and gives you an idea of heart issues you may face. Despite my family history, my healthy diet and lower blood pressure help reduce my risk of heart problems and it actually says my heart is five years younger than I am!  If you find that your test result shows you have an increased risk you can always discuss the issues with your doctor during your yearly exam. Henry Ford Health System also offers a $99 heart screening to help get a more in depth evaluation of your current heart health and steps for you can make to help protect your heart health for years to come.

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While health care may not be at the front of your mind when it comes to your health, it may be time to make small changes to make it a priority. With a healthy diet, an active life style and the health support from Henry Ford Health System you can protect your heart for years to come and have more years with the ones you love.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Henry Ford Health System.


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