Backroad Buildings Takes You on a Visual Adventure

Backroads Buildings Book Review

If you’re not ready to hit the road yet, or just miss driving through the back roads near you – you’re probably missing the old architecture of the past, and of a long past time. But no matter the weather, you can experience the beauty of the backroad and the past with Backroad Buildings.

Backroad Buildings is a photo journey that you can take from anywhere. Following the photographic journey of Susan Daley and Steve Gross you can visit over 100 different locations off the beaten trail and see beautiful representations of what the past still preserved and standing. The houses and buildings may be in different states of repair, but each harkens back to a time before the highways and freeways cut them off, when times were a bit slower and people lived with a lot less.

Besides being filled with beautiful images, some are haunting reminders of a bygone time, while others still are active and thriving. It’s an interesting collection of places, people and different times. And the best part, you can enjoy the beauty of the past anytime without burning gas to do it.

Backroads Buildings Book Review

From New England to the Deep South, photographers Susan Daley and Steve Gross have captured more than 100 forgotten buildings along America’s old auto routes. Isolated in full-color and black-and-white portraits, the roadside cafés, feed stores, grange halls, juke joints, and general stores are a poignant reminder of the ingenuity of local building practices and working-class culture during the years between the Civil War and the Great Depression. With their humble beauty and distinctive character, these once-useful structures infuse the American landscape with a strong sense of place. This collection of buildings preserves a sampling of our country’s architecture heritage and encourages travelers to slow down and notice the details.


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