Back to School Must Haves for Their (and Your) Lunch Boxes

Back to School Lunch Box Must Haves

Back to School Lunch Box Must HavesIt’s that time of year, back to school! Kids hate it, parents love it – well at least once they’re in school. The reality is there are a lot of things that lead up to the first day of school that stress parents out as well. From new wardrobes, class supply lists and a new bag. One area we often forget to update is the lunch box. So we found some of the best products for their lunches, or yours that will make your lunch time so much better.

Back to School Lunch Box Must Haves

Show Your Fandom with Zak! Designs

No matter your age, you have your favorite character. From a Storm Trooper Soup container for their lunch box, a metal Wonder Woman water bottle and of course Infinity War water bottle, Minnie Mouse and don’t not forget Jurassic World! Zak! has something for everyone and your lunch box (or theirs) will be filled with a characters waiting for them. Spill free, full of fun and fandom – Zak! has everything you’re look for this year!

Back to School Lunch Box Must Haves

Create Bento Creations  and Greener Options with Russbe

Looking for a more eco-friendly option? Check out Russbe reusable snack and sandwich bags and their lunch Bento boxes. All are dishwasher safe, free of bad chemicals and completely reusable over and over again. The bags are our absolute favorite and we use ours for trips, lunches and storage. No more throwing bags away every day. And the Bento boxes? Vacuumed sealed, leak free, expandable and oh yes – eco-friendly. It checks all of the right boxes!

Back to School Lunch Box Must Haves

Fit more in a Smaller Space with Good Cook Boxed Meals

Sure, you can use different bags and containers for everything in the lunch box – but why? Instead, Good Cook has made some great options including their twin stack and salad containers as well. Lids that lock down, containers for salad that chill and have a spot for your dressing they have a lot of different options. The flexibility of the containers mean you can add your own meal portions and it all fits in one spot. Look for the best shape and size for your lunch box and enjoy the flexibility of packing and only one container that you toss in the dishwasher at the end of the day.

Back to School Lunch Box Must Haves

After School Snacks? No Problem! 

Don’t think we didn’t think about those after school snacks, or even those homemade yogurt pops! Russbe makes a great product we never knew we needed – Reuse-a-Pop! Reuseable Ice Pop Bags that you can fill with healthier snack options for your kids. Control the ingredients. Reduce waste and make a batch of your own favorite flavors!


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