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So the last few days I  have been out of the loop – feeling like I was 20 steps behind because of this issue with my work machine. Our desktop computer works- but not for my clients, or half of the things I want to do.
So, let’s get back to business. Back to working on the blog, back to getting actual work done and back to saving some money!
Like I mentioned in the last post, there are a lot of changes still coming. Some were delayed by the technical issues.

So what do we start back with? I want to talk a little about sites. Sites you say? Yes sites! You may notice a lot of blogs (including my own) recommend websites for you to join from time to time. Why is that? Because you can get some pretty awesome things – and even freebies!

When joining any website, make sure it’s a source you can trust. I promise I will never post a site, that I myself haven’t tested or signed up for. If it’s not a service I like, you wont see me recommend it here.

So tonight, lets start with one of my favorites – Vocalpoint!

This is one of my favorites I’ve joined. They have offers, surveys etc you can take advantage of. So far I have gotten a free bottle of Coffee Creamer, Downy UnStoppables, and just put in for a free bag of salad mix. None of these products have cost me anything, and are full size products.


If you haven’t joined yet – take a minute to do so. Want to take advantage of free salad? Click the logo on the left! Pretty easy stuff :).

Now I will warn you that not all offers are available in every area. However, I haven’t heard of anyone being declined on this one yet.

I honestly enjoy being a part of Vocalpoint, you just have to respond to their emails by clicking and filling out the forms and getting free stuff. They don’t have hoops for you to jump through either. Definitely a great place to start out for freebies!


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