Avoid Making These Mistakes When Buying Your New Ride


Are you looking to purchase a new vehicle this summer? Would you like to make sure you don’t get ripped off by less than honest car salespeople? Then it makes sense to read this post and ensure you take all the advice and information onboard. When all’s said and done, it’s easy to make mistakes and have the wool pulled over your eyes. Like it or not, there are people out there who are more interested in emptying your bank accounts then providing you with a vehicle that will stand the test of time and perform as expected. Considering that, anyone who plans to purchase a car from a dealer this year will benefit from reading this post and using the info to their advantage.

Mistake 1: Not checking average prices online

The last thing anyone wants to do is overpay for the new vehicle they purchase. For that reason, it’s always sensible to take a look online at some of the most popular selling websites. You can then work out the average value of each model depending on its age and condition. Once you have that information, it is much easier to ensure you get a decent deal when you visit second-hand dealers. If the dealer’s asking price is too high; you can show them some online ads and make a low offer. If the seller has any sense, they will recognize they overpriced the vehicle, and they might even sell it to you for the average price you found online. Whatever happens, don’t open your wallet until you have that info.

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Mistake 2: Not asking a mechanic to check the vehicle

Unless you have skills and expertise in mechanics, there is a reasonable chance you will have to pay a professional to take a look at the car before you sign on the dotted line. Take the time to visit a local garage and ask the owner how much they charge to come and conduct an assessment. With a bit of luck, the mechanic is not going to ask for more than around $50 for that service. It should only take them a couple of minutes to give the engine a once over and ensure there are no hidden faults. Spending $50 could help you to save significantly more money in the long run. Nobody wants to purchase a vehicle that is going to stop working and cost thousands in repairs, right?

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Mistake 3: Not taking the car for a test drive

How can you possibly make an assessment of a car without taking it for a test drive? Do not make the mistake of letting the seller drive the vehicle while you sit in the passenger seat. You need to get behind the wheel so you can feel and hear any potential problems. Some sellers don’t like the idea of letting potential buyers test drive their cars. If you meet someone who takes that stance, explain that you won’t spend a dime until you get to take the automobile for a spin around the block. Indeed, you could ask your mechanic to do that same thing if they hang around for any time after conducting their assessment. If the seller is honest, they will have no objections.

Mistake 4: Not asking to see the service history

Nobody wants to purchase a vehicle that has been involved in a severe accident at some point in the past. However, you might end up doing that if you don’t ask to see the car’s service history. That is a folder that should contain receipts or any maintenance work, and a full history of every time the automobile spent time with a mechanic. From the service history, it is often possible to tell if previous owners cared for the car correctly or not. You will also learn if there are any particular problems for which the vehicle seems to suffer more than most. For instance, some of the latest BMW models suffer faults related to the ignition. If you take a look at the service history; you should uncover any information of that nature. That will help you to make an informed decision about whether or not to make an offer.

Don’t buy a car unless it’s got a valid roadworthy certificate. Firstly, it’s more than likely the vehicle might be unsafe for you and other road users. Secondly, a roadworthy can help you understand if there are any issues with your vehicle that are going to need fixing in the future.

Mistake 5: Not researching potential insurance costs

One of the most significant expenses most people face when investing in a new car relates to the cost of their insurance policies according to sites like ValuePenguin. That is especially the case if you have been involved in an accident recently or you only passed your test a few months ago. Many young people have to pay more in insurance costs each year than the value of their cars. Considering that, it is imperative that you conduct some research before handing over your hard-earned cash. Hundreds of websites compare insurance policy quotes from all the most popular brands. So, the process of finding out how much you’ll have to pay each year in insurance is only going to take a few minutes. With that in mind, there is no excuse for making that mistake.

Mistake 6: Not asking for free extras

When you buy a car from a dealer, that person has a lot of room to negotiate with you. Smart people will do their best to drive the price of the car down as much as possible. However, sometimes the best way to sweeten the deal is to ask for lots of free extras. Perhaps the seller has some Yankee Candle car air fresheners they could throw in?  Maybe you can convince the dealer to give you some new mats or a full tank of gas? Little things like that can make a significant impact on the value for money you get when buying the car. In some instances, it’s possible to get a year’s free insurance or something similar. However, most dealers do not offer that bonus. If you want it; you’ll have to shop around.

Mistake 7: Not walking away when something is wrong

As mentioned previously, there are lots of unscrupulous dealers out there who will do anything to pull the wool over your eyes and empty your bank accounts. Those people don’t care if you end up with a less than suitable or unsafe vehicle because they are only interested in the money. With that in mind, if you notice any issues at all, the best strategy is to look elsewhere. Let’s presume something the dealer says doesn’t make sense. In that instance, they are probably lying to you in an attempt to cover something up. You can’t afford to take any risks, and you should never buy from someone who appears less than honest. So, you need to walk away from the deal and find a new one as soon as possible. That is the only way to protect yourself and ensure you don’t get ripped off by a criminal.

You should now have a reasonable idea of what it takes to ensure you get a decent deal when buying your next ride. Thankfully, most second-hand car sellers are not trying to steal your cash, and so you don’t have to put your guard up too much. However, you do need to ensure you listen intently to everything the seller says. If you notice them tell a lie or avoid an issue, that is a good indication that you should probably leave the forecourt and look elsewhere. Also, whatever happens, do not part with your hard-earned income until you pay a mechanic to check the vehicle. Nobody wants to end up with a car that costs $1000 in repairs during the first twelve months, right?


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