Ask Einstein Makes Learning Fun

Ask Einstein Flash Card Set Review

It’s never too early for educational games and making learning fun. And while kids may be too young to read, that doesn’t mean it is too early for flash cards. Ask Einstein is a STEM learning toy that encourages fun and and learning in kids from 3-6 years old.

We were sent a Ask Einstein set from Ben Franklin Toys, included is a starter set with Einstein, starter cards and 2 other sets of cards and different topics. Like many lab rats, Einstein is smart – but he knows everything! When you are playing Ask Einstein, Einstein can tell you if you got the answer write or wrong. This interactive play helps kids visually see if they got the right answer, and can become a fun game where they challenge each other to get more correct answers as they go.

The starter set that comes with Einstein is full of fun facts kids will love about animals and dinosaurs. The cards can help with work recognition and learning new words as they go. But most of all, it makes it a lot of fun to play and see if they know the right answer. Because Einstein can answer the question for them by lighting up green for right and red for wrong, this is a learning game for young kids that doesn’t require a lot of parental interaction and it can also give them a sense of independence as they’re playing as well.

Ask Einstein is more than just a flash card and matching game. They’ve actually built in 5 different games that are good for groups of kids to play with each other. The games include:

  • STACK THE DECK GAME is a game of strategy and competition
  • HOT POTATO EINSTEIN GAME is a game of speed and fast action
  • RUN THE DECK GAME is a challenge for every kid (and adult)
  • -TEAM CHALLENGE GAME is a great team building and bonding game
  • THE EINSTEIN DUAL GAME is the ultimate fast action trivia game


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